Whipped coffee


Of course we had to try #coffeelover ☕️ turned out so good😍 #whippedcoffee #instantcoffee #coffee #coffeetime #icedcoffee #coffeeaddict #vegan

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

As a throwback to the “original” quarantine, I decided to revisit the biggest trend of that time, whipped coffee. I remember everyone freaking out about this crazy invention, myself included, and making it almost every day. For reference, I like coffee and drink it on a pretty regular basis, so I was excited to see if it was like I remembered. I had to take out my electric mixer for this because, as I learned last spring, mixing this by hand takes forever. This recipe definitely gets points for aesthetics because the ombre from the coffee to the milk is certainly pleasing to look at. In terms of taste, it was quite disappointing, but not surprisingly so. Instant coffee is not good, and I’m not sure why the world unanimously decided that if we whip it, the taste will improve. When you get the perfect sip of milk and the coffee “foam,” it is decent but doesn’t stand a chance next to a regular cup of coffee. That being said, I probably will be making this again solely because of the nostalgia that comes with it.

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