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More frequently known for its dance challenges and humorous videos, social media platform TikTok offers a wide variety of content. More recently, the emergence of cooking content -FoodTok- on the platform has led to the proliferation of recipes. Arts editor Anastasiya tried some of the most popular recipes to see just how good they are.

TikTok provides not only entertainment but also amazing recipes

There is something simply addicting about TikTok. Whether it’s the super accessible format of the social media platform or the amazing creators that populate it, the variety of content on there is truly mind-blowing. You could be laughing at a cat video, and then ten seconds later be reminded to go study for your SAT. That being said, one category of the app that I had yet to explore was FoodTok. I’m sure many of us see all these seemingly incredible recipes but never have the time or energy to try them. So today I will try all of them and tell you which ones are good, so you don’t have to!

Overall I didn’t hate any of the foods I tried, but if you really want to find some incredible recipes, you have to go digging past the viral trends. Trying things from TikTok is a perfect way to spend your time if you feel like you have nothing to do. But beware that not everything will turn out as perfect as it seems on the app.

Feta pasta
Crispy potatoes
Whipped coffee

Nature’s cereal

I was hesitant in adding this recipe because it is frankly not a recipe, but rather just a glorified version of fruit in water. Yet after seeing Lizzo rave on and on about it, I caved in. This “nature’s cereal” is just blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate seeds in coconut water and is supposed to be life changing. Naturally, I had my expectations set high for this recipe seeing all the hype...

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