Supportive and team-oriented environment propels Wrestling team to success



The wrestling team has made a name for themselves at the high school by becoming back to back Bay State Conference champions.

Wrestling may be an individual sport, but the wrestling team finds its strength in its unity and camaraderie above all else.

The wrestling team has risen from a young, small team to one of the most successful teams at the high school. This rise has been attributed by many team members to the excellent coaching, supportive environment and the bonds between its members.

These successes include the first Bay State Championship win for the school in 50 years in 2019, which they went on to win again the following year. Coach Trevour Smith was ecstatic at this second win.

“It’s the first time you win, it’s a fluke. It’s that second time, it’s that second one, when you’re able to hit it again, and that means you’ve got something special,” Smith said.

Smith is also very proud of what the team has done in its short life span.

“I love what we’ve been able to accomplish. I love the tenacity, the heart and the team camaraderie that we’ve had at Brookline. We have established something over the course of five years, and I hope to continue more than that,” Smith said.

Senior Thomas Griffin said that the coaches help build a very supportive environment by putting an emphasis on the athletes’ mindsets.

“They’re really there for you. It’s like a father figure. They never tell you to give up and they keep telling you to move forward,” Griffin said.

That support doesn’t stop with the coaches. Despite the individual nature of the sport, the team environment is crucial to their success.

“The team, they’re always very supportive. They always help each other out. It’s just a very good environment and just feels like one big family,” Griffin said.

The team has not had any formal practices this year due to COVID-19, although they were able to have pre-season practices and in-person workout sessions outside before it became too cold.

Smith said he thinks that once they are able to return to a more normal schedule and are back in action, the team will continue to grow and have more success.

“After COVID is out I would really love to see a lot more students involved in the sport. Our goal is to potentially bring home that state title for BHS and also bring home more trophies and medals,” Smith said.

Smith also said they will feel a greater appreciation for being able to wrestle.

“I tell all my wrestlers every single day, we have a mantra: be thankful for the opportunity to wrestle. I believe more than ever that our mantra will be forever highlighted because we know that opportunity can be taken away,” Smith said.

Freshman Jimmy Roberts considers the sport’s simplicity one of its best attributes.

“I think one of my favorite parts of wrestling is that it’s very basic. It feels like there’s no added factors to the sport. Like, there’s no soccer ball, there’s no hockey stick. It’s just you and the other person,” Roberts said.

Senior and captain Joseph Genzer said that despite the one-on-one nature of wrestling, the team is supportive of one another and pushes their teammates to be the best they can be.

“And even when you’re wrestling in a match by yourself on the mat, you can look back and you see the entire team cheering you on,” Genzer said. “We really push each other no matter if you’re the most skilled or a rookie.”