Pho Viet’s II serves as a comfy site that allows you to dive into the world of Vietnamese foods



Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Viet’s II, offers an array of mouthwatering options for take-out in it’s Newton location.

Golden fairy lights adorn the ceiling, creating a cozy feeling that offers a well-appreciated change of pace to the bitter winter outside. Although the restaurant is snug, it isn’t uncomfortably small, with enough room inside for effortless to-go orders amidst the pandemic.

Situated on Langley Road in Newton, Pho Viet’s II offers a variety of Vietnamese dishes, all rich in flavor and presentation, and serves as a quintessential spot for comfort food on a rainy day.

The menu was written simply and didn’t take long to read when ordering online which I appreciated as other take-out menus can be long and overwhelming. I also admired the pictures included on the menu because I was able to get a better understanding of what I wanted to order. Despite the pandemic, my experience ordering online was easy and fast, and the photos only increased my anticipation for the meal.


I ordered the shrimp and chicken fresh summer rolls ($6.25) to start. Two rolls were included in the order, and I felt the price was definitely reasonable with each roll packed tightly to the brim with fillings.

Inside each of the summer rolls was a mix of shrimp, chicken, lettuce, mint leaves and rice noodles, served with a sweet and salty peanut sauce.

The rolls tasted light and well-balanced. They served as a perfect appetizer, leaving me satisfied and not too full. They were aptly named as they tasted just like summer, cooling you down with each bite. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh, which made the dish delectably refreshing.

I ordered crab rangoon ($7.95) to start as well. The order came with eight pieces, which seemed like more than enough for a family meal.

This dish disappointed me, as crab rangoons are usually one of my favorite appetizers to order at other restaurants. The classic puffs were stuffed with cream cheese and imitation crab, then fried in wonton wrappers.


The crab rangoons lacked the proper amount of filling inside and were quite soggy due to being under-fried. As a result, they lost the expected crisp that crab rangoons usually have, dissatisfying me after only one bite.

As the main entree, I decided to get a classic pho noodle soup, a typical dish of Vietnamese culture. I got the chicken pho ($10.50) which included chicken, pho noodles, cilantro and spring onions, all in a warm chicken broth.

To my bowl, I added lime and sambal sauce, each included with the pho orders. I loved this dish, as it was both tangy and savory, housing a perfect edge to each bite, especially with the addition of a few quick garnishes.

My only critique for the chicken pho was that since I got take-out––their only option due to the pandemic––the noodles were stuck together, which made them sticky and harder to eat. This could have been due to the broth cooling down on the trip back home, and most likely wouldn’t be an issue when dining inside.

I have had chicken pho at other restaurants, but this one was surely my favorite. It was a perfect serving size, enough for two people to share or just a single serving.

With a reasonably convenient location, delicious soup and kind staff, Pho Viet’s II serves as a comfy scene that allows you to dive into the world of Vietnamese foods. In addition, the prices were manageable, and the take-out process was super simple and fast. If you’re looking for the perfect comfort food for a rainy day, look no further than Pho Viet’s II.