Jade Blais-Ellis utilizes Instagram to showcase her digital artwork



Junior, Jade Blais-Ellis enjoys creating digital art on apps like Procreate, allowing her to try new and different things.

Right after her Zoom class ends, junior Jade Blais-Ellis immediately turns toward her iPad, opens the app Procreate and starts working on her newest idea. Once she is done and satisfied with her artwork, she excitedly posts it to her Instagram, awaiting the reactions of her followers.

According to Blais-Ellis, Instagram is a way to share her drawing progress. She said she hopes her captivating and harmonic style helps motivate people to be as passionate about their hobbies as she is with drawing. Although Blais-Ellis enjoys different forms of art, she said her favorite is digital design.

Blais-Ellis said she strives to be a source of motivation and inspiration for her Instagram followers. Her drawing progression was able to flourish during quarantine.

“I have been drawing a lot, which is really cool because I’m at home and I have a lot of free time,” Blais-Ellis said. “I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, and I think my work has actually improved a lot over quarantine.”

Blais-Ellis is now able to spend more time practicing her art skills, and this results in more completed artwork as well. Friend of Blais-Ellis, junior Isabella Aoresty, said that Blais-Ellis is now able to finish a lot more work in less time due to practicing a lot over quarantine.

“I remember talking to her, and she was finishing one (piece of art) after the other, and I was so surprised by how quickly she could work, and they always looked so good,“ Aoresty said.

Junior Stephanie Wong, and Blais-Ellis’ longtime friend, said she appreciates Blais-Ellis’s creative ability to think outside the box.

“I love her creativity. Jade comes up with ideas that wouldn’t normally pop into your head, and it’s like an idea of a daydream, her work,” Wong said.

Blais-Ellis uses her art Instagram account @rosebloomart to share her latest works. She posts regularly, which helps to motivate her to practice consistently.


“Having an art account has really increased how much I draw. It’s something to hold me accountable for starting and finishing things, and it’s awesome that people are seeing it,” Blais-Ellis said. “I think the best part about having the account is the motivation to create things.”

Blais-Ellis said she hopes to inspire people to work hard, draw as much as possible and get out of their comfort zone. Wong said that by seeing Blais-Ellis post consistently, it helps motivate herself to keep drawing and to create art.

“I see her post a lot on her art page and it makes me more motivated as well to try to do my own stuff,” Wong said. “I like the evolution of her work. I’ve been friends with her since fourth grade, and seeing her drawing change year after year, it has morphed more into her style and I really enjoy seeing that,”