The Thrift Shop of Boston offers affordable essentials to support a good cause



Located in Roslindale, Mass., The Thrift Shop of Boston offers affordable clothing and accessories to support a beneficial cause for the local community.

Hidden in the small town of Roslindale, Mass. lies a great Boston thrifting institution. Looking from the outside of the shop, you can observe the classic and nostalgic setting that is 33 Corinth Street.

The Thrift Shop of Boston is a non-profit organization that has provided Roslindale Village and the Greater Boston area quality clothing, apparel and accessories for more than 90 years. The shop offers customers a vast selection of items at affordable prices.

The Thrift Shop of Boston is located in the center of Roslindale and provides amazing access to the rest of the town and the Greater Boston area. Roslindale Village is an MBTA Commuter Rail stop and a five minute walk from the shop. Washington Street leads directly to downtown Boston and goes all the way down Walpole, passing right by the store. All proceeds from the shop go toward The Home for Little Wanderers, a Boston-based service organization that helps many local children and families in need.

To follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic, the store only allows a certain number of customers in at a time. I waited outside for 10 minutes, but that went by quickly as soon as I looked through their window displays showcasing their sales and best deals.

Staff at the store are all volunteers who directly support the community. Over their 90 year period, volunteers, donors and sponsors have raised over $1 million for the Home for Little Wanderers.

There is a wide variety of shiny and colorful necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses beneath the register at the front of the store that immediately catch your eye. Many of the items are barely used and in great condition, like older pairs of Ray-Bans.

Boston winters are known for their intensity and bitterness nationwide and unfortunately, some cannot afford the ever increasing prices of winter coats and other essentials. Although The Thrift Shop of Boston and many other thrift stores offer incredible deals to pounce on, it is important to consider the shop’s inventory of winter clothes. Part of helping the homeless and other unfortunate circumstances for others, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is understanding the daily struggles of them.

With the cold weather coming in quickly, the thrift store showed off its affordable prices for jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens and so much more. The first hallway of racks were all unisex winter coats that were all less than $15. The gloves, hats and mittens were all labeled at $2.

Besides winter attire, the store also had many dress shirts, suit coats, summer dresses. All of the khakis and other pants were color-coordinated, and on top of the racks were tons of “dad hats” and many other fun accessories.

Surprisingly, the shop also featured some interesting displays of artwork, CDs, records, books and kitchen items. The store had many records to choose from, with many wonderful artists to bring you up, such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder (my personal favorites).

Their book offerings are all organized by author, so if you are looking for a new read without spending upwards of $20 on a hardcover, this section of the shop will put you directly on cloud nine. Their prices range anywhere from $5 to $10.

The store has many great offers, and weekly specials and sales can be found on their website. Every Tuesday there is a 10 percent discount for seniors (age 65 or older), every Wednesday they offer half price on children’s clothing and shoes and every Thursday there is a 50 percent discount for all books, music and movies.

With steals all around you, it can be somewhat overwhelming to decide what to purchase. My mom recently bought a beautiful summer dress for $7 from the shop, and I bought a couple of sweaters for the worsening winter weather.

With an amazing selection of items while also supporting a great cause, The Thrift Shop of Boston is a beacon for great deals and beautiful offerings.