Passion for singing provides Emma Farrer with form of self expression


Contributed by Emma Farrer

Growing up in a musical family, junior Emma Farrer has become a passionate singer.

Junior Emma Farrer went from auditioning for a solo in her middle school chorus to auditioning for American Idol. Through violin, piano and singing, Farrer expresses herself through music.

Farrer has been a member of the performing arts community since elementary school. She is currently a member of Camerata Choir at the high school and will be performing in a multitude of online voice recitals this season.

Farrer said a large part of her confidence and love for music has stemmed from her family and school.

“I have a musical family, so I grew up singing and playing lots of instruments. I’ve been singing random stuff since I was a baby, but I really started enjoying singing when I joined chorus,” Farrer said.

Farrer’s longtime friend, junior Jessie Brockman, has taken chorus classes with Farrer. Brockman said that she admired Emma’s confidence and singing abilities.

“Even at a young age she’d always audition for solos, and she frequently got them. She’s a very loud and outspoken person,” Brockman said.

Farrer specifically enjoys Camerata Choir. She said that it offers her a place where everyone is as committed to singing as she is.

“I really love and look forward to Camerata. I think it’s a great community, and everyone is really passionate about it, since it’s audition based, which makes it more fun,” Farrer said.

Farrer’s vocal teacher, Sarah Lennertz, has been working with Farrer for the past year. She said that Farrer is a pleasure to work with and that her musical talents will get her far.

“Emma is a lot of fun to teach. She is energetic, enthusiastic and easy going. She is a great musician and has a really special eclectic style,” Lennertz said. “Her belting has gotten freer and stronger, and she is singing with a greater amount of ease and expressivity.”

Emma has been playing violin since elementary school, and has recently started taking piano lessons as well. She loves to sing and play at the same time. However while she enjoys those other forms of musical expression, Farrer said that singing has always been her favorite. For Farrer, the variety of different ways to sing offers her an endless set of vocal opportunities.

“There’s a ton of different ways you can use your voice. You can sing solo, in a small group, or a huge chorus and each one of those experiences are different; words and lyrics can create a deeper meaning,” Farrer said. “You can also interpret the song differently based on how you are singing, it’s one of the reasons I love singing.”