Track chemistry not affected by divisions

Junior Sam Burrington (right) carries the baton in the 4x800 meter relay. The relay team placed second. (Photo by Matthew Goroff)

Practices for the indoor track and field teams split athletes into different groups to train for their respective events, even if the goals of each athlete are different. While some train to improve in events and beat personal records, others do indoor track and field to condition for another sport.

“I think that no matter what your goal is for doing track, everyone definitely works their hardest, and there is a strong connection between the athletes on the team,” said junior Maddie Pronovost.

There are many people who join indoor track as a way of staying in shape for another sport. It has proven effective in keeping athletes fit by building up their endurance, strength and agility, fundamentals good for any sport, according to Pronovost.

“Although many people have different reasons for doing winter track, it in no way dampens the team morale,” said Pronovost. “Everyone is trying their hardest, and in the end, the athletes are satisfied with the results they get from their training. So that drives them to improve on whatever they’re working towards.”

Junior Tomas Castelli, who uses indoor track to condition for rugby in the spring, finds that track helps him become a better athlete.

“When I train with a team, it helps me more than if I worked out alone,” said Castelli. “It is easier and more motivational to train with other people since everyone gives each other support.”

Castelli says he contributes his full abilities to the team.

“Even though track is a way to improve my rugby performance, since I’m already on the team, I’m going to do my best and be there and cheer for my teammates like they do for me,” said Castelli.

“The indoor track team, like any sport with a large team, has its individual cliques, as you spend the most time with people who train on similar events as you,” said Pronovost. “But despite having different groups on the team, everyone is friendly and understanding of each other’s goals. It’s a good coalition of a lot of different people with a variety of different interests and strengths.”

“Our team’s motto is: ‘No matter how good you are, you still have to try harder,’” said senior Grigoriy Gressel. “Even if you are on the team for the purpose of improvement on another sport, there is always a chance of ending up really liking the sport and enjoying the team aspect.”

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