Virtual chorus Open Mic night rings in holiday cheer



Sophomore Jamie Leslie was one of the hosts for the December 4th open mic night. The hosts’ goofy enthusiasm set the mood for a fun and cheery evening.

Beautiful melodies and the sweet vibrato of the singer’s voices flowed through the speakers for an hour of amazing performances at the high school’s virtual Open Mic night.

With 10 performances and two lively hosts (sophomores Taj Horowitz and Jamie Leslie), the Open Mic night was a great success. The virtual audience of 50 people kept the flow of positive comments coming throughout the entire show on the evening of Dec. 4.

The event started out with a goofy “safety” video courtesy of the two hosts. Dressed in matching black blazers, the pair of 10th graders did a wonderful job warming up the audience and setting the mood for the fun and entertaining night to come.

The first performance by freshman Noah Schlondorff was a pre-recorded adaptation of “Winter Wonderland,” which got everyone into the winter mood. He started out playing just his keyboard, gradually adding more and more elements (such as a drum loop, jingle bells and cheery vocals) that evoked a positive winter spirit in the listener.

After came a chilling performance by another freshman, Sarah Dulla. Accompanied by just a simple backing track, they delivered a broadway-worthy performance of “Enlightenment” from the musical “Starry.” Displaying their vibrant timbre and impressive range, Dulla defied all expectations of what a 9th grader should sound like.

The only live performance was by freshman Alexandra Oviedo, performing Ricky Montgomery’s “Mr. Loverman.” The heart in her vocals was evident, and her swaying to the beat made the performance even more fun to watch. It was very brave for her to be the stand-alone live performer.

Sophomore Sonia Provost gave a rendition of “Hallelujah,” accompanied by her father on the guitar. The father-daughter duet was refreshing and very heartwarming to watch. Freshman Clara Idlebrook did a duet with her mother, singing an eerie and untitled winter song by a mesmerising fire.

The most memorable performance of the night was when senior Livvy Hartshorn played an original song entitled, “Wishing I Had It.” Following a verbal introduction setting the scene of how personal the song was to her, she played the piano and sang a song that many audience members said she should send to a record label; it brought many of them to tears.

Hartshorn’s piece was incredibly moving and real, and it felt like the listener was experiencing everything she was singing about with her. With talent that seemed professional that left the hosts speechless, Hartshorn truly did deliver a masterpiece

Overall, calling this Open Mic night a success would be an understatement. The hosts did an amazing job keeping the audience laughing, and the performers all exhibited truly incredible talent.