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Pablo Meyers

Pablo Meyers, a freshman in the RF cohort, is set to return to school on the 29.

Are you looking forward to going hybrid? 

I think it’s going to be a very interesting experience being back at school. With all the new rules and regulations, I think it will be a mess at first, but hope things will kick into rhythm and start to flow better.

October 26

Even though you weren’t in person today, how did your classes go? Did anything change? 

I was online today but in my math class we did something new, combining the in person kids and the online kids. We played a game where everyone would stand up (including the kids on zoom) and the teacher would ask an either or type question,” Meyers said, “For example, one of the questions whether you preferred dark chocolate or milk chocolate. If you like dark chocolate you would sit down. After that we would discuss the topic. I think it was a great way to engage the whole class on both platforms.

Meyers did share that he was experiencing some hesitation when returning to school in person.

I think it’s pretty exciting to be back at school. I definitely have some worries but mostly I’m just excited to go. Being in the building with all those people is a daunting thought, but I think it could work.

October 29 and 30 

How did today go? 

I think hybrid is awesome. I came to school at lunch because all of my morning classes were online. The in-person classes were a lot better than the Zoom classes. It was a lot more entertaining than Zooms. It also felt a lot more productive because the communication was quicker and better.

On Friday, he also said that his in-person classes went well.

Today was pretty much the same but I was there for lunch. The lunch was meh but it was free so it made up for it. My classes were good today too. They followed the trend that they felt a lot more productive and engaging in person. It was a lot easier to process information too.

November 12 

After two full weeks of school, Meyers said that his journey so far has been both exciting and confusing.

Finally going into the main building was very exciting and confusing all at once. There are too many wrong turns to make. My schedule didn’t specify room numbers so I had to go to the deans for directions. In the end, I found my way to the correct room. In terms of population, there are a lot of people in the hallways and the atrium at the transition times, but once people get settled into their classes it feels a lot less backed up. Overall the high school experience is pretty good, other than the online and hybrid messes.

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