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Liza Martiniello

Liza Martiniello is a traveler, cat owner, outdoors lover and a special ed teacher at Brookline High School. After years of working with elementary students as a speech pathologist, she found her place at the high school, where she advocates for her students.

First off, what do you teach?
I am one of four educational team facilitators for the special education department. I am a full advocate and proponent for all programs within the district-wide special education department, including those that are at a high school level.

What makes Brookline different from other places you’ve worked at in the past?
Brookline, to me, is a place where students, especially at the high school level, can take a multitude of different programs and opportunities that will prepare them for adulthood. I really like that I’m a part of that team.

Why do you love working with high school students?
High schoolers are just incredible and interesting human beings. They’re just starting to learn and discover who they want to be, as adults, but they’re still moldable and exposed and curious in their own ways. That is what has been rewarding. I can have a conversation with high schoolers about life. I really love the job I have now, and I love that there’s an opportunity to grow in my field, especially while being in Brookline.

You see so many students. Do you have any general words of advice for high schoolers, based on what you’ve seen?
My advice would be to always keep lines of communication open with any relationships that you have, whether it’s with teachers, friends, family or colleagues. Just be kind. People need to remember to be kind to each other. There is a lot going on in the world right now, a lot that we can’t control. But one thing we can control is treating others with kindness, even when in disagreement.

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