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Mona Saltalamacchia

Mona Saltalamacchia

Old Lincoln School Secretary Mona Saltalamacchia is a proud mother of three children and a passionate member of her community in Dedham. In her free time, Saltalamacchia enjoys barbecuing with her family, playing softball, and walking in Millennium Field in West Roxbury. She grew up in Brookline and went to Brookline High for all four years of high school.

Could you describe some of your daily priorities and tasks as the OLS Secretary?
My daily tasks and priorities include attendance, class needs for supplies such as gloves and masks, parking passes, lunch issues and supporting the administrative staff, the deans and guidance counselors. I let people into their rooms since I am in charge of some keys. I help students who come into the building and can’t figure out where they’re supposed to be. I answer the phones, I am in charge of the mail and I am in charge of the school bell, which I use to let people into the building.

Could you talk about some of the changes that you’ve seen at the high school since you were a student here?
It’s not that different, actually. I’m not on the main campus that much anymore because I’m at OLS now. But, when I go over to the main campus I feel like I could just go right back into high school.

Do you have a certain hobby that you like to do in your free time?
I’m a town meeting member in Dedham, the town that I live in. I enjoy being involved in the decision-making for the town. I love watching my children play sports. I also play recreational softball, where I participate in tournaments for us old people to fundraise.

What you are fundraising for when you are playing softball?
In Dedham, they do a fundraiser called the Pumpkin Bowl. They have different teams, different categories, and different levels of softball players. Everybody pays to be involved and the money goes to the Girls Softball League. I also do volunteering for a girl that passed away in Dedham, and they do a scholarship in her name.

Can you tell me a little bit more about how you got involved with Dedham’s Town Meeting?
I’ve been doing the town meetings for roughly five years and since it’s an elected position, I ran for a seat five years ago. I enjoy the process of going to meetings. I like to listen to people’s different sides of why they want something done. I also enjoy the voting. Everybody should vote.

What advice would you give to your high school self?
Oh, my high school self. That old girl? I would tell her [that] when it comes to the college process, really drown yourself with people that will help you make the best decisions that you could possibly make.

Do you have any advice for the current freshmen during these difficult times?
Yes, I do. Come in, and don’t worry about anything. We will figure it all out together. Just enjoy your time while you’re here.

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