Multi-linguist Bettina Gordon moves on

Photo by Rohan Lewis

Bettina Gordon’s 35 year love affair with education will slow down when she stops teaching at the end of this year, but she assures us that it will not stop.

Gordon will spend her next few years with humanitarian service in third world countries, which is a natural transition, as Gordon has worked at various schools in Europe, India, Israel and the United States. Gordon also led the China Exchange trip in 2003.

Gordon said that it will be a challenge to leave, but she, most likely, will not miss the demanding pace.

Today, most of Gordon’s work involves teaching in the Language Lab and running the China Exchange program.

Gordon, whose experience speaks for itself, says that the major difference between the high school and other schools is the students, who “want to make a difference already in their formative years,” she said.

The students aren’t the only ones making a difference. Through her years, Gordon has helped cultivate the Chinese Exchange program and has helped numerous schools outside Brookline create long term exchange programs, ultimately building bridges between cultures and communities.

Gordon’s 20 years at the school have been fast-paced, successful and fulfilling. But for Bettina Gordon, it is just time “to switch gears.”

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