Maya Morris

Maya Morris
Brookline High School ‘17

Time on The Sagamore: three years
Job(s): Head of media

What was your favorite memory or thing about your time working for the Sag?
Production weeks stick out by far as being memorable. Having to spend extended periods of time struggling, laughing, and eating with fellow Sag members didn’t feel like a chore–particularly when it culminated to an end product you could take full pride in. I also vividly remember the retreat my senior year. A couple of friends and I on the trip snuck out of our bunks late night and congregated in a yurt. It was innocent: we played Connect 4, never have I ever, and discussed the current state of high school hookup culture. We ended up waking Ms.Anderson and Ms.Wise. Being out past curfew was a violation of their trust and I don’t know that we took ownership of it. However, I do know that moments like that characterize what the Sagamore was for me. Not just a newspaper qualified by interviews and articles, but a community that struggled and faced conflict together, and yet, still caressed innocence and joy all the while.

Where are you now? What are you doing now?
I’m now a rising junior at Tufts University.

How has The Sag impacted where you are today?
Students are generally synonymous with “young” individuals who are “still learning.” However, the Sag taught me that this does not mean that a student does not already know something. I took away knowing that students have the power to produce something important with their “youth” as an agent for creativity.

What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from The Sag?

Grammar! Also, team collaboration and how to go from absolutely nothing to a material something–and then repeat each month.

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