Sofia Georgaklis

Sofia Georgaklis
Brookline High School ‘17

Time on The Sagamore: three years
Job(s): Sports Managing Editor.

What is your favorite Sagamore memory?
I really loved spending time at production and eating meals with everyone despite the stress of the looming send deadline. Another favorite memory was winning first place in sports journalism and going to the banquet at Suffolk University with the sports team senior year.

Where are you now? What are you doing now?
I’m now a rising senior at Vanderbilt University studying Neuroscience and Medicine, Health, & Society.

How has The Sag impacted where you are today?
Sometimes it would be difficult to get in touch with a contact or find a time to conduct an interview, teaching me how to be persistent and flexible.

What were some challenges you faced in The Sag and how did you overcome and learn from it?
I spent the last (part of the) semester studying abroad in Seville, Spain, where we had to do a project that consisted of interviewing people and integrating this information into an essay. I felt like my experience on The Sagamore taught me to ask thoughtful questions and not lead my interviewees to a certain answer. The grammar lessons we learned while on The Sagamore have also stuck with me and help me when writing papers and emails in college.

What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from The Sag?
I am thankful for how the Sagamore taught me not to be afraid to reach out to anyone and ask questions, which has been more useful than I could’ve imagined.

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