Cleo Falvey

Cleo Falvey
Brookline High School ‘17

Time on The Sagamore: three years
Job(s): Arts Writing Editor as J2, Arts Managing Editoras a J3

What is your favorite Sagamore memory?
Even though I complained about it all the time when I was in Sagamore, I really miss production because it was a real community-bonding exercise. Looking back at it, spending time with my Sagamore friends after school was always fun, taking breaks from working to go to CVS or get Thai food, and staying super late at school (although never past 8 p.m. in my case) to get everything done and sending the paper! I also loved playing Geoguessr with everyone on the computers during free blocks and just hanging out in The Sagamore Room during lunch.

What are you doing now?

I’m a junior at UMass Boston studying Biology and Mathematics. Specifically, I work in Liam Revell’s lab studying how Anolis lizards’ body shape changes in response to the impact of urbanization. I am planning on applying to graduate school to study the ecology of invasive species!

What did you gain from being on The Sagamore?
The Sagamore bolstered my writing skills which helped me succeed in my general education requirements in college. I think that it’s important to learn how to communicate effectively via writing, so the Sagamore definitely helped with that!

What was something challenging about being on The Sagamore?
One of the biggest challenges I faced in the Sagamore was managing my time effectively. Along with Managing the Arts Section of the Sagamore, I took six challenging classes, volunteered at the New England Aquarium, and worked at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology in the Herpetology Department (reptiles and amphibians). It was hard to get everything done on time, and I remember getting super anxious about making it work! However, I learned to manage my time better. AndI know it sounds cliché: take deep breaths!

Do you use any of the skills you learned in The Sag in your current day life? If so, what?
Time management and the organization of projects! Ms. Wise and Ms. Anderson always organized the timing of projects by working backwards from the day that the project was due to figure out how projects should be coming along. This is something I still do in college or at work when there’s a big project, or if I’m in charge of organizing an event! Also, we migrated from paper to online news, which helped me learn how to effectively and engagingly present information online, which is generally just a super important skill.

What is one of the most important lessons you’ve learned from The Sag?
The value of having a supportive community in a working environment!

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