Disney’s animated shorts showcase a variety of animation styles and stories



Disney’s new collection of animated shorts on Netflix provide a fun respite from the monotony of quarantine. The 12 films are a mix of original stories and continuations of Disney favorites.

Bored during quarantine? Watched practically all of Netflix? Well luckily for you, Disney Animation Studios has a collection of short films that are suitable to watch for all ages!

The Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection is a series of 12 animated short films featuring two Academy Award Winners, “Feast” and “Paperman,” and three Academy Award Nominees, “The Little Matchgirl,” “Get a Horse!” and “Lorenzo.”

In addition to new stories, two of the short films, “Tangled Ever After” and “Frozen Fever,” continue the beloved Disney classics “Tangled” and “Frozen” respectively. The collection also includes two motion pictures in the Mickey Mouse universe.

The collection of short films features many different types of animation, ranging from traditional, hand-drawn frames to Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), where computers create three-dimensional images that can be used to create motion pictures.

The running time for the entire collection is one hour and 29 minutes, and the films can be found on many streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Out of the 12 short films, three do not include dialogue or narration, a choice that emphasizes the significance of music in a motion picture.

For example, in the Academy Award Winning short film, “Paperman,” the music helps to establish a connection between the main character, George, and the woman from the train station throughout the short film.

The film follows George after he meets a mysterious woman who boards a train before he can ask for her name. George can’t stop thinking about the mystery woman from the train station and looks for ways that he can find her in the big city.

Through the omission of dialogue in “Paperman,” director John Kahrs shows that people can communicate ideas and feelings without using words.

One of the motion pictures in the Mickey Mouse Universe, “How to Hook Up Your Home Theatre,” is a satirical short following Goofy in his search to buy a new television and set it up in time for the big football game later that day.

This animated short highlights the difficulties of technology and all of the parts needed to set up a television and its extensions, such as the speakers and the cables that come along with the television.

“Feast,” another short film in the collection, won an Academy Award in 2015 for Best Animated Short Film. The six-minute-long film follows a Boston Terrier named Winston who experiences the struggle in battling temptations to save his owner’s relationship.

In general, the themes of each film center around essential life lessons.

For example, “The Ballad of Nessie,” directed by Kevin Deters, follows the story of a friendly Loch Ness from Scotland named Nessie whose home gets taken away by people who want to urbanize the land.

After going through a long journey and having trouble finding a new home, Nessie learns that it is okay to cry and that no one should be afraid to cry. This short also teaches the audience that while there may be many challenges in life, you can always push through them to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout all of the short films, there are many meaningful lessons that the directors work hard to convey. So, if you find yourself with nothing to do in these monotonous days of quarantine, give the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection a try. Be entertained, and also learn the integral lessons of life of determination, love and loyalty.