New music to discover during quarantine



Music has always been a way for people to escape reality for a short period of time and immerse themselves in a new world. The Sagamore has put together four playlists in the hopes that readers can use them to escape from quarantine, even for a few minutes.

Being in quarantine has given us a lot more time to explore new things. We’ve found that finding new music is a great way to spend some of your time. We created four different playlists, each with a wide variety of artists and genres, with the hopes that everyone would be able to find something they love listening to.

Songs for feeling happy
This is a positive, happy playlist. Most of the songs are cheerful pop or smooth R&B, with artists like Still Woozy, Steve Lacy and Frank Ocean. It works best with a feel-good, optimistic mindset. These songs make us smile, and put us in really happy moods.

Songs for when you’re in the mood for hip-hop
This is a hip-hop playlist, with songs from a lot of popular artists such as Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert and Childish Gambino. It’s good for more upbeat moods and as a way to boost energy. The songs have faster, upbeat rhythms and are fun to listen to.

Songs to work out to
This is a workout playlist and can also be great for running. There are a variety of genres within the playlist, featuring artists like G-Eazy, Travis Scott, Rich the Kid and Cardi B. It can help motivate you to workout and get in the mood to move around a little more.

Songs for when you’re in the mood for country
This is a country playlist, with many different artists such as Luke Bryan, Brett Young, Dan + Shay and Zac Brown Band. It is a happy playlist, with a lot of summery, upbeat songs that will hopefully put you in an optimistic mood. The playlist also has more calm songs, and it can be great if you need a moment to take a breath and relax.