The Power of Comedy: Hulu Recommendations

If you’re like me, quarantine can feel like an endless cycle of Sundays, waking up and finishing the day just to start the next one. As many of us are discovering, watching shows and movies is a great way we can escape just for a little while. Below are some of my favorites from Hulu for those of you who have burned through all of your favorites (I’m looking at you, “Office” fans, it’s time for a change).


A fan favorite, I have “Brooklyn 99” right on top. Follow a quirky crew of detectives and cops that tackle crime in, you guessed it, Brooklyn, N.Y. This show is easy for binge-watching and lots of laughs. You’ll grow attached to the characters like Jake Peralta, the epitome of “work hard, play harder,” Detective Amy Santiago, an endearing try-hard and Sergeant Terry Jeffords, who honestly just loves himself a cup of yogurt every once in a while. “Brooklyn 99” is a gem of a sitcom-esque comedy show and holds a special place in my heart. If this isn’t convincing enough, there’s an adorable wiggly corgi named Cheddar that makes many on-screen appearances.

A show contrary to popular belief that is not entirely about trees, “Parks and Recreation” is a beloved series for many. We jump straight into the heart of Pawnee, Ind., known for being “First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity.” Nestled into a cozy Parks and Recreation Office, we meet Leslie Knope, a determined government “civil servant” who would do anything to better her town. She’s joined often by her boss Ron Swanson, a man known for his glorious mustache, patriotism and love for breakfast. This show follows Leslie on her countless missions around town, joined by her faithful colleagues who all have dreams and wild personalities of their own.

Cartoon Comedy:

If your humor is a little bit more out there, maybe even galactic, you’ll fit in with “Rick and Morty.” In an unconventional grandfather and grandson duo that jumps through “infinite” timelines with Rick’s iconic green portal gun, you’re always exposed to another mind-boggling adventure. Many episodes also take place right within the Smith household, where Morty lives with his sassy teenage sister Summer, hard-headed horse surgeon mom Beth and average dad Jerry. Even though it’s far out there, the messages are often grounded in being “normal people problems” or can cause fits of laughter. Some especially memorable episodes are when Rick turns himself into a pickle to get out of tense family counseling or when Jerry unleashes an army of blue noodly “Meseeks” that try with all their being to get two strokes off his golf game.

In “Bob’s Burgers,” we see the everyday struggles of running a family business, but also the passion that keeps it going. Always trying to do what’s best for his third-generation restaurant, inventive family-man Bob Belcher lives above his burger joint with his wife Linda and 3 adoring children. The kids, horse and eighth-grade boy fanatic Tina, mischievous always plotting Louise and adorable young brother Gene who can’t get enough of fart sounds, can often be found goofing off at school or wreaking havoc on Ocean Avenue. This wild family serves up burgers and a lot of heart and is great for any time you just want to sit back and relax.