Public Service Announcement: Brookline’s Diverse Community Virtual Display


Contributed by Caitlin Starr

From the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations:

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations would like to introduce a community project for all families and residents to participate in over the next month – Brookline’s Diverse Community Virtual Display!

In past years, we have celebrated Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May along with a celebration of our diverse communities and identities in June. We have collected items from families and residents willing to share a meaningful cultural or community item and displayed them in the Brookline Village Library, along with information about its importance.

This year, due to the current state of social distancing and uncertainty about what to expect in the months to come, our Office has decided to curate an online, virtual display celebrating the many diverse communities, heritages, identities and stories within Brookline. Over the next few weeks, we invite everyone to submit an image, video, drawing or any creative medium to share a specific item, tradition, meal, etc. that is important to your heritage, culture or identity along with a sentence or two on WHAT and WHY it is important to you or your family. The submission deadline is rolling through May and June. The Virtual Display is currently available for the entire community beginning and will run through the end of June. You can check out the Display here:

Please submit all content and any questions to Caitlin Starr, MPH, CDE at [email protected] or at 617-730-2345.