50 things to do during quarantine


Graphic by Aryn Lee

As we all know, much of the world is currently in self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While quarantine is a great way to flatten the curve and save lives, it can also be undeniably boring. So, we have compiled a list of 50 things to make your quarantine a little more interesting and productive.

1. Catch up on sleep
You don’t have to go to bed at 2 a.m. to finish your homework now! Or do you?
2. Learn to cook something new
There are tons of recipes online you can try out. Watch out, Gordon Ramsey!
3. Learn to play a new instrument
Or practice the one you haven’t picked up since quarantine started.
4. Read a book
For fun! Not because it was assigned to you by your English teacher.
5. Start working out
If there is ever a time to start, it’s now. There are tons of free workouts on YouTube.
6. Learn a new language
Duolingo, here I come!
7. Draw or paint
Let out your inner artist.
8. Plan out your summer
Assuming summer is still happening, look at things you can do! Internships, camps, jobs, traveling and more.
9. Have a photoshoot
Capture these moments so you can remember them years down the line. Or just use this as an excuse to dress up and take some pretty pictures.
10. Find new music to listen to
Get recommendations from your friends or just browse Spotify.
11. Have a dance party
With your friends (virtually)… or just by yourself (we all do it).
12. Learn to say things backwards
?rof gnitiaw uoy era tahW
13. Clean your house
Might be fun to do something productive once in a while.
14. Rearrange your room
Haven’t you always wondered what your bed would look like if it were on the other wall? Now is the perfect time to find out.
15. Clean out your closet
You can donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore.
16. Change your hairstyle
During a crisis, the only reasonable thing to do is dye or cut your hair; it’s a well-known fact.
17. Have a movie night
With people you are quarantined with or with your friends virtually.
18. Talk to your friends (online)
Social distancing! But FaceTime and Zoom are great options.
19. Find a TV show to binge-watch
Check out the staff recommendations on our website for inspiration!
20. Learn magic tricks
You will be able to impress everyone once we get out of quarantine.
21. Have a game night with your family
What better than bonding over a game of Monopoly?
22. Procrastinate on doing your online school
Because don’t we all.
23. Listen to podcasts
There are tons of podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcast.
24. Sort through all of your emails
Maybe it’s time to not have thousands of unread emails.
25. Write a song
This might be your moment to become the next superstar.
26. Online shopping
A bunch of stores have sales going on right now, as well as free delivery.
27. Study for the SAT
We are all going to have to start eventually, so it might as well be now.
28. Contemplate the meaning of life
You know that thing you do at 3 a.m.? Well, now you can do it 24/7.
29. Hang out with your pet
Assuming you have one… obviously.
30. Play video games
Everyone is talking about the new Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch.
31. Learn the first 100 digits of pi
I mean it would be impressive so…
32. Wash your hands
Pretty self-explanatory.
33. Start a journal
So 20 years from now you can read back on what it was like sitting in quarantine.
34. Start a new hobby
Take inspiration from this list or search online.
35. Write a letter to your friends
Pick up a pen and paper and get to it. There is nothing more exciting than snail mail.
36. Spring cleaning
It’s spring so…
37. Practice driving
If you have a permit of course, or you can take Driver’s Ed online.
38. Browse thesagonline.com
You’re on it now, so might as well stay and have a look around…
39. Become TikTok famous
You can be the next Charli D’Amelio and while you are at it, follow The Sagamore on TikTok.
40. Build a fort
Let out your inner child! Also, building a pillow fort is never not fun.
41. Eat all of the snacks in the house
If you have any left…
42. Pull an all-nighter
Why not? Your sleep schedule is already messed up.
43. Customize some of your clothing
You can tie-dye, iron on patches or crop some shirts.
44. Go for a run
If you are feeling like you want to do something with your day.
45. Write creatively
It might come handy later down the line when you actually have to write for an assignment.
46. Look for ways to help out your community
You can donate, volunteer or simply write a letter of appreciation to some frontline workers.
47. Create a bucket list
Bungee jumping? Go on safari? Hot air balloon? Take your pick.
48. Make a Pinterest board of your dream house
You can refer back to it when you actually buy a house.
49. Have a pillow fight
This will probably require another person…
50. Take some online classes
There are a ton of live streams going on, from dance or yoga classes to at-home concerts.

I hope that at least one of these suggestions inspired you to do something fun and make the most of the downtime we all currently have. Have fun and stay safe!