Tik Tokers to watch during quarantine

If you’re like me, you weren’t expecting an extended break from school and now have a ton of free time on your hands without knowing what to do with it. Maybe, you, like me, ended up spending way too much time on Tik Tok, scrolling aimlessly through your “For You” page for content to distract you from the dystopian simulation it seems like we’re living in right now.

According to my screen time app, I have spent 8 hours and 44 minutes on Tik Tok over the past week. During this time I learned two things I would like to impart: 1) Madison Beer is the most attractive person to ever grace the face of this earth, and 2) some Tik Tokers are worth your time and some definitely aren’t. Please take my advice on both counts, and if you’re in a relationship, do not show your significant other a photo of Madison Beer. But seeing as though an entire article on Madison Beer probably won’t make it through the rigorous rounds of editing at the Sagamore, here are five Tik Tokers that I deem “definitely worth your time” and would definitely recommend looking up!


Liz @lozclaws

As her bio would put it, Liz is a 21-year-old she/her identifying college student studying political science and is most importantly, a Sagittarius. Much of her content is spoken directly to the audience and is great for any girl that needs a reality check, is a theatre kid and obsessed with social media (maybe I’m self-identifying a bit here). But regardless of your interests, Liz will have a Tik Tok for you.
Highlights: theatre kid, high school, and college memes and the spitting of hard facts.




Doctor Fayez. @lifeofadoctor

Fayez is an especially amazing Tik Toker in light of the recent crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, with videos that include both humor and information. He’s a great pick for anyone interested in science or medicine, and he also happens to look exactly like Ezra Fitz from the teen drama “Pretty Little Liars.”
Highlights: COVID-19 updates, memes about science and medicine.



Dixie Damelio. @dixiedamelio

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of her sister Charli D’Amelio. Dixie’s page is an alternative to the flawlessly executed dances on her sister’s page, refreshingly, well, normal, compared to the ring lighted, rigorously edited, scripted Tik Toks that seem to be the norm now.
Highlights: Her family, her boyfriend Griff, an honest account of her wisdom teeth removal and bad dancing.




Sweet Shot Cookies @sweetshotcookies

Exactly what it sounds like, a bakery that injects sweets into their cookies, except that they put videos of their baked goods to Lizzo on Tik Tok. Their videos are incredibly aesthetically appealing and are definitely comforting during this time of no on-premise eating in Massachusetts.
Highlights: Cookie cutting videos, cookie piping videos, the introduction of new cookie varieties.


Jack Wright. @jack.wright

At first glance, Jack might come across as nothing more than an average hype house Tik Toker, but he is, in fact, an incredible dancer with an infectious personality. If you check out his videos, be on the lookout for collaborations with celebrities (such as James Charles), other well-known Tik Tokers (like Charli) and gymnastics-inspired dances.
Highlights: Cross-hype house skits and collaborations, unexpected visual effects and a super bright color palette!

I’ll leave it at five for now, but don’t forget to check out @thesagamore on Tik Tok for news-related content from your favorite at-home journalists!