Audrain bonds with students through love for teaching



In addition to teaching Latin and Spanish at the high school, Lennon Audrain is pursuing a Master of Education degree in Technology Innovation and Education at Harvard.

His vibrancy, creativity and willingness to learn from others is what makes Latin and Spanish teacher Lennon Audrain such a favorite teacher of many language students.

Lennon Audrain has only started teaching Latin and Spanish at the high school this year, but in a short amount of time he has managed to impact and uplift many of his students. Audrain’s love of grammar fuels his passion for teaching and his students are what motivate him to get up every morning.

Audrain is currently teaching one Spanish and one Latin class in the mornings. When he isn’t teaching at the high school, he is a 20-year-old student at Harvard where he is on a mission to get his Master of Education degree in Technology Innovation and Education. Next year he will be attending Arizona State University to get his doctorate degree in Educational Policy and Evaluation.

According to Audrain, having connections with students and interacting with them are what make his job worthwhile.

“I think in constantly interacting with students, it makes me aware of how human everyone is,” Audrain said. “Because as much as you might roll your eyes at something a student does, you’ve probably done it too. The shared experience of being a student and a learner is what I love best about being a teacher.”

Sophomore Gabriel Grossman expressed his fondness for Latin class and Audrain’s teaching style.

“Overall, even though Mr. Audrain’s class can be considered an easy and chill class, I have found myself impressed at how much I have learned. Latin is the only first-period class I look forward to,” Grossman said.

Grossman also emphasized the warm and welcoming atmosphere Audrain brings to class.

“He has a nice, caring and understanding personality and pushes every student to their limit without stressing them,” Grossman said. “My favorite thing about Latin class is the welcoming learning environment that he creates. Every student has a unique connection with him.”

Audrain attended Catholic school up until high school and found his passion for Latin and teaching through his own Latin teachers. He also learned Spanish in high school and college, as well as through his friends who spoke Spanish at home back in Arizona.

According to sophomore Simon Kayser, who is in Audrain’s Spanish class, Audrain finds creative ways to teach his students.

“He often finds new ways of making an interesting class experience,” Kayser said. “He changes what we do in class depending on our understanding, rather than relying on a set curriculum. I certainly enjoy Spanish class and look forward to it when I have it.”

Latin teacher Elisha Williams believes that Audrain’s love for his students is very evident.

“In our conversations his affection for each one of his students is apparent and he really cares about them,” Williams said. “We often talk about all the students and I think he really has the intention to help kjheveryone. He has an enthusiasm and a love of learning and life and Latin that is palpable. He did a TikTok about Latin that was ridiculous.”

Besides his dedication to his students, Williams emphasised again how Audrain’s creativity and kindness is what makes him such a special asset to the high school and language department.

“He is incredibly kind and a thoughtful person and so he relates really well to students,” Williams said. “He also has a great sense of humor and a sense of fun that makes people really appreciate being in a space with him and it’s clear to his students that he wants to help and support them.”