Donna Sartanowicz - AP Art and Studio

Donna Sartanowicz – AP Art and Studio

What are your thoughts on the new test format?

The AP Art and Design exam had already seen significant structural changes this year which we were working through. The exam is very much inquiry and project-based so students were already working on individual avenues of inquiry that are open and responsive – they can continue that work at home. Artists are creative thinkers so although these are not ideal circumstances students will continue to think creatively and incorporate their current experiences into their work. As for the pandemic necessitated changes to the exam, the College Board has reduced the number of works required for completing the exam to reflect the shortened timeframe, they have made all the submissions digital so that there is no mailing in of actual work, and they have pushed back the deadline for completion. If students decide to continue and submit the exam I think these changes will be adequate for making that doable for us.

How is your class staying on track?

AP Art and Design operates as a creative community of learners. When we come together we are working to support each others’ individual journeys. Now that we can no longer meet in person we will need to offer that support remotely through live classroom meetings (Google Meet) and posting our work for comment onto Google Slide presentations and other means of collective work TBD.

What do you think could have been done to improve the current situation?

The only things that could have helped this current situation are some advanced knowledge of the shut down so that students could take home needed supplies and professional development targeted on distance learning tools and methods for teachers. Because this situation was fast-moving and unpredictable we could only respond at the moment and we are all – teachers, students, administrators, and the College Board – trying to do that now.

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