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Anastasiya Semyannikova

Anastasiya Semyannikova, staff writer, sophomore

About Me
When I’m home I enjoy baking, playing my guitar or bullet journaling. I’m generally really loud and obnoxious with my friends, but can seem shy if I don’t know you. I enjoy shows that have a lot of drama and underlying romance and always keep you on your toes. I barely watch any movies because I easily get attached to characters and then it’s hard for me to let go of them so quickly. In terms of music, I prefer songs that you would listen to on a rainy day, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and that make you feel something.

TV Recommendations:
Quick Watches
“The Imposter:” An amazing TV show on Netflix about a con artist who gets people to fall in love with her and then runs away with all their money. Things are going really well for her when three of the exes whom she conned team up and try to find her. This show had me captivated and I finished the whole thing in about 3 days 🙂 The show had only two seasons but it’s definitely worth watching.

“The Circle:” A reality TV show on Netflix where eight players are supposed to interact with each other through an online platform called the Circle. The players are not able to see each other face to face so on the Circle you can be whoever you want and try to gain popularity. After each day the least popular player is eliminated. It’s relatively new and only has one season but unlike anything else I’ve watched.

“Gourmet Makes:” This is available for free on the Bon Appétit Youtube Channel. A pastry chef tries to recreate popular snacks and make them “gourmet”. I honestly don’t know what I find so appealing about this show but everyone that I’ve recommended this to has gotten hooked. It’s filled with frustration, jokes and you’ll definitely fall in love with the whole Bon Appétit staff.

Binge Worthy
“Grey’s Anatomy:” The doctors, the drama, the romance. Everything in this show makes it the perfect thing to return to every now and then. It’s currently on it’s billionths season on Netflix but I frankly would not recommend watching past season 10.

“The 100:” About how the human race returns back to Earth after a nuclear apocalypse. Has elements of drama, action, sci-fi and romance which makes it the perfect show to binge watch. Currently has six seasons on Netflix but the 7th is coming out on May 20.

Others on Netflix:
“The Great British Baking Show, “ “Friends,” “The Office,” “ Umbrella Academy,” “Better than US”

Movie Recommendations:

I honestly barely watch any movies so I don’t have any recommendations.

Music Recommendations:

What I’ll be checking out in the next two weeks:
I am looking forward to watching “You” on Netflix because it has been recommended to me and a couple of friends. “Love is Blind “also seems very interesting and I’m excited to check it out.

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