Perfect Pitch creates strong and inclusive community


Eva Georgaklis

Senior Iris Yang performs at an annual X-block concert with Perfect Pitch to kick of the new school year. The event featured all three of the student-run a cappella groups.

Unique, student-run and open to all female students at the high school.
Founded in 2012, the energetic, all-female a cappella group, Perfect Pitch is student run singing group that makes its own arrangements without the guidance of an adult conductor.
Junior and group leader Lilah Sesling said auditions show group members the musical abilities and strengths of each student trying out. Experience in music is not a factor when choosing new members.
This year, the group hopes to improve and grow together by performing outside of school.
“We’re thinking about taking a trip out to Boston and street-performing one day together,” Sesling said. “That’s especially something for this year and future years that we’re really trying to make happen because in the past, we have only done school performances.”
Sesling and other fellow leaders all feel passionate about the group and like to make sure it’s a safe and fun environment. Senior and fellow group leader Iris Yang values the group dynamic.
“The most important thing is making sure that it’s a community and that everyone feels comfortable singing and saying what they want to say. I want people to go to Perfect Pitch and be excited to be there,” Yang said.
The group does not have a certain type of music that they usually perform, but they tend to lean towards more fun and upbeat styles.
“A lot of the time, we try to choose songs that are energetic so that when we’re singing them, we are excited and look alive because that’s a very important part of performing,” Yang said.
Although Perfect Pitch is solely student run, the group members enjoy the responsibility and also incorporate their creativity. Yang said it’s a different experience from her other choir, Camerata.
“Camerata is a school choir, so Dr. Driscoll leads everything. In Perfect Pitch, we organize our own concerts and our own music. In Camerata, Dr. Driscoll does everything, so I just show up and sing. They are very different,” Yang said.
Yang said she has learned a tremendous amount from her experience in Perfect Pitch.
“It’s taught me how to listen to other people and balance the needs of the different types of people in the group,” Yang said. “It’s taught me about being responsible and how to be welcoming by getting new members every year and helping them adjust to the group.”
Members have expressed their pleasant experiences and the strong community within the group. Sophomore and first year member Erica Weinreich shared how her experience in the group has been enjoyable.
“It’s a different way of hearing people sing because all you can hear are the voices since there are no instruments,” Weinreich said. “Everyone’s really nice and wants to become friends with each other, so it’s a really good community.”