Javi Limón Jr. works to advance his music carer on a global scale


Contributed by Javi Limón

Javi Limón’s parents are strongly invested in his musical career, with his mom designing the album covers and his dad producing the music.

Concerts, crowds, the thrill of performing. Making his mark on the world. That’s what Javi Limón is focusing on when he’s not at the high school.
Limón, who goes by Limón Jr. in the music world, is self-driven, confident and passionate about his music, destined to make an impact on the music world in years to come, through his passion for singing and guitar.
Friends of Limón, senior Max Grossman and junior Thomas Reuter, who are also involved in music at BHS, said Limón Jr. is motivated and takes charge of creating new opportunities.
“He’s always been like a big music person. I feel like he’s always been about his career. He’s really proactive, trying to connect to other musicians who are well known,” Grossman said.
Limón Jr. released his first single in the summer of 2018 and released his first album this past summer, has performed in many different cities all around the world in cities like Madrid, Miami, New York, and Boston.
Limón Jr. said that his favorite part about performing is that he can make people stand up, cheer and feel something from his music. In addition, Limón Jr. has big goals for the future. He wants to record albums in countries such as Brazil and Cuba.
He also creates music videos for his songs on his albums. Limón Jr. said he likes to have fun in his videos and create them in cool places.
“We [Limón Jr. and Limón Jr.’s dad] were in the south of Spain and saw this abandoned house, and we would pass by it every day when we went to the beach. So we were just like, ‘let’s film a music video here.’ It was so cool to record a music video in such a summer spot, and then release it in the winter,” Limón Jr. said.
Limón Jr.’s parents are crucial parts of his musical career and are helpful to him in many aspects. He writes the lyrics to his songs, while his mom helps make the physical copies of the CDs. His mom designs the CD covers and books the concerts as well. In addition, his father helps guide him while producing the music.
Grossman and Reuter said that his ability to get his point across and catch people’s attention in his music is an asset of Limón Jr. that is going to help him in his future musical career.
“I think for him, the sky’s the limit, I mean the way he’s going right now, he just skipped two days of school for a gig in New York. I feel like however far he can go, he will go,” Reuter said.