Lee uses music to connect with communities


Contributed by Kayla Lee

Lee dedicates her time to writing and producing songs and music videos. Her new single, “Closer,” whose album cover is featured above, was released on Nov. 11.

She has been singing since she was 3 years old, serves as a leader for the other members of her church’s singing group and has released multiple songs under a Korean label.
Junior Kayla Jin Lee is a singer at the high school and has currently released two singles. She uses her talent to make music she is passionate about with people who are close to her and groups she cares about.
Lee collaborates on her music with other Korean musicians and has released two songs, “Closer” and “Gifted,” which are available on all streaming platforms.
Lee met her collaborators in Korea and started working with them because of their shared passion.
“I started making songs and we were just like, ‘Oh, how about we do this song together?’ We started talking and it was really natural,” Lee said.
According to Lee, her music isn’t derived from any one artist.
“The songs that I released weren’t really based on other artists. We got together and said, ‘How about this? And How about that?’ The process was like that. It wasn’t, ‘Oh, let’s do it like Khalid style,’” Lee said.
According to Jon Kim, the high school pastor at Lee’s church, she is one of two leaders of her church’s worship team, a youth group which plays music on Sundays at Grace Chapel. Because of her talent and experience, she is able to guide some of the other members.

Graphic by Aryn Lee
The lyrics to Lee’s new single “Closer.” Lee sings in both English and Korean.

“Kayla is someone that we rely on a little bit more because she’s more experienced at singing. She can sing harmonies and different parts to a song that some students might not be able to do,” Kim said. “She doesn’t need as much direction as other students do because she’s really talented and can figure out the songs pretty quickly.”
Lee was recently featured on a song on a new album by Berkeley School of Music student Peter Chang. According to Chang, the two have a close relationship, sharing the same passions.
“The main reason why I had her on the album is because the theme of the album was having my close friends in the album. Kayla, of course, she’s a phenomenal singer, but at the same time she is also someone that’s very close to me. So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to feature her,” Chang said.
In the future, Lee wants to continue releasing her own music and working with other artists who she connects with.
“I am actually planning on releasing more songs in the future. I’m thinking of releasing an EP next year and making more songs. I want to collaborate with other artists too,” Lee said.
Lee has impressed Kim with both her leadership and talent.
“Kayla is an awesomely talented leader and a really talented singer. We are so grateful that we have her as one of our leaders.”