Red team triumphs in girls flag football game



After an early touchdown by the blue team, the red team came back with a decisive 18-6 victory in this year’s Powderpuff girls flag football game.

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, the senior girls triumphed over the juniors 18-6. Between rowdy fans, a shirtless runner flying across the field, and a host of controversial calls, this year’s Powderpuff girls flag football game was in keeping with tradition.

The game came on the heels of a controversial school-wide pep rally, in which the red versus blue rivalry culminated with a large number of students being escorted out of the gym and barred from attending the game. The annual flag football game between the junior and senior girls did not disappoint, with the rollercoaster game providing a thrill for fans of both teams.

On the second play of the day, junior Sarah Schlosberg ran the ball over 60 yards to the endzone and gave the blue team a quick 6-0 lead.

The juniors continued to play well throughout the first half of the game, although they were not able to secure a second touchdown. On the final drive of the half, the seniors got the ball within five yards of the end zone but were thwarted on the first three downs, prompting a timeout. Yet, the junior defense executed a clinical goal-line stand and kept their shutout going throughout the half.

The seniors found a new resurgence in the second half, but not immediately. Their offense marched down the field surgically, in a play reminiscent of Schlosberg’s earlier run. However, on a play seemingly destined for the endzone, the runner was stopped just before reaching the goal line, with junior Lindsey Mahoney grabbing her flag to keep the seniors scoreless.

However, the moment was soon overshadowed by a controversial call by the referee. He stated that the juniors had jumped offsides before the play, which would usually result in a five-yard penalty. However, because of the circumstances, he claimed that the penalty resulted in a touchdown. The call was quickly protested by the blue team’s coach as well as by chants from the blue section of the stands, causing the call to be reversed. When the play resumed, the juniors were able to keep the ball out of the end zone and maintain their shut out of the seniors.

On the red team’s next drive, senior Emily Trelstad ran the ball for a touchdown with the help of her blockers, finally putting her team on the scoreboard.

Although this game was dominated by running plays, it was a throw that gave the senior team a lead that they would never give up. Trelstad threw the only forward complete pass of the day, finding her receiver, senior Willa Vish, in stride and in the perfect position to burn the junior defense on her way to a score.

This resurgence of the red team was continued when senior Sophie Bodine sprinted into the end zone from around the 20-yard line to pad her team’s lead.

The subsequent blue drive failed to get many yards, leaving the seniors in a good position to score their next touchdown. However, the game ended with seniors winning 18-6 before they had a chance to finish their drive.

After the game, fans flooded onto the field to support their team and classmates. This year’s Powderpuff game displayed the hot rivalry between the red and blue teams, but it was also a reminder that the game remains one of the most exciting events of the year.