Thanksgiving football game recap



The Brookline High School Warriors lost 42-8 to the Newton North Tigers during the 125th annual Thanksgiving football game.

In 1876, Yale University and Princeton University had their first football game on Thanksgiving, starting what would become an annual tradition of football being played on this holiday at various colleges and high schools across the nation.

This year’s Thanksgiving football game at Parsons Field, marks the 125th anniversary of the Newton North High School and Brookline High School football rivalry.

The game started off with the Brookline Warriors on offense, and the Newton North Tigers receiving. The Warriors kept up a good fight, but were unable to secure a first down, turning the ball over to the Tigers. The Tigers tried to make a pass to the endzone, leaving Brookline fans holding their breath, but the pass was not complete. However, the Tigers redeemed themselves when running back Matt Morris scored a touchdown within the first seven minutes of the game.

Brookline quarterback and junior Oscar Baldwin attempted to punt the ball across the field, but with an interception from Newton North, the Tigers ran the ball to the endzone, resulting in a pick-six touchdown for the Tigers and the extra point from the field goal.

In the second quarter, Baldwin completed a pass to wide receiver and junior Finn Foley, but the excitement was short lived. Newton North intercepted Brookline’s next throw, giving them a first down. With a series of successive passes, Morris scored another touchdown for the Tigers.

Just as it seemed the Tigers were going to get another six points later in the game, the referee called a penalty on their tackle, causing the touchdown to become negated. With a few minutes left on the clock during the second quarter, the Tigers managed to score another touchdown, ending the first half with a score of 42-0, Newton North.

During the halftime break, the Newton North and Brookline cheer teams performed exciting, complex routines for the crowds. Following this, the announcer acknowledged the seniors on the Brookline cheer team.

As it started to drizzle in the second half, Brookline mounted a stronger defense, ending the third quarter with no points scored for either side.

The Warriors found their stride in the fourth quarter, starting with a completed pass that put them at the Newton North 30-yard line. Just as it seemed the Warriors wouldn’t be able to bring the ball 10 more yards, they got a first down. Now they were only 15 yards away from the endzone. Baldwin took the ball and ran with it, giving Brookline another first down. Four yards from the endzone, and with four minutes and 44 seconds to go in the game, the fans were anxious. The Warriors faked a pass and handed the ball to offensive line-man and senior Josh Cornelius, allowing him to score their first touchdown and leaving Brookline fans cheering. Rather than going for the extra point, Brookline tried a two-point conversion and succeeded on a run.

Near the end of the quarter it seemed like Newton North had gotten another touchdown, but a penalty prevented the points from counting. Newton North took a knee to end the game with a score of 42-8.