Casual food spot offers quality Mexican cuisine



The comfortable environment of the new taqueria provides a productive spot for students to work and also offers affordable prices for delicious food.

You step into this small restaurant off of Commonwealth Avenue, and you are instantly hit with the smell of fresh guacamole and grilled tacos. In one corner, an employee is rolling dough for the soft tacos, and in another corner, churros are sizzling in the deep fryer. The line is almost out the door, and all the seats are filled with Boston University students who are trying to fit in a quick lunch before their next class.

Taqueria El Barrio recently opened this past August. It brings authentic Mexican style cuisine to the Boston University area. The bright vibrant colors stand out among the other dull restaurants surrounding it. The Mexican style music echoes throughout the building as people enjoy their meals.

After contemplating what to order for several minutes, I decided to go with the cheese quesadilla. This restaurant is most famous for its tacos or burrito bowls, but I went with a classic dish. The restaurant is not table service, so it was hard to find an open seat. One stool eventually opened up in the back, where I was able to sit down and observe the restaurant scene.

My food came out within seven minutes, along with the dessert churro topped with Nutella that I ordered. My quesadilla was $3.20 with guacamole, cilantro, onions and salsa on the side. The churro with Nutella was $4.50. The portion size was appropriate for the price that I paid. The food seemed to be very high quality, and one of the signs posted on the wall noted that they get their meat from Savenor’s Butcher & Market, a high-quality vendor.
I thoroughly enjoyed my cheese quesadilla with a side of fresh guacamole. The cheese was high quality and the guacamole tasted very fresh. I would highly recommend this dish whether you are a picky eater or not.

Overall, if you are looking for a casual Mexican-style restaurant, then this place is perfect for you! The prices are reasonable, especially for high school and college students.