Emma Siver

Born in Connecticut, English teacher Emma Siver has led a full and adventurous life. Starting out on an elementary school basketball team, and with a Harry Potter book always at hand, Siver began her journey, quickly getting her qualifications from Wheelock, BC and Lynch in order to become the amazing English teacher that she is. When she is not at school, Siver is most likely at the gym or somewhere outdoors, two things that have played a big role in her life from a young age.

What were your hobbies as a child?

Sports have always been a big thing for me. I played basketball starting in the fifth grade, all the way through my senior year of college. I really love things like hiking, kayaking, and being outdoors.

Did you always want to be an English teacher?

No. I originally had wanted to do something with athletic training or physical therapy. But, I had always had English as my favorite subject; I had always been really passionate about it. When my worlds collided with athletics and sports in college, the literature and education part just took over.

Where did you used to work?

I worked at a day camp in Marlboro, Conn. for a total of three years. I loved it there. It’s an all-outdoors camp, so right up my alley. The only reason I left was because I moved to Boston full time. I was an assistant coach for an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball team. That was awesome because I got to work with girls in eighth grade, right on the cusp of being in high school, which was the demographic I wanted to work with for school.

If you could go back, what would you tell your high school self?

Enjoy it while it lasts, because you’re so excited to get out of those classrooms and away from those people, but now I realize that those were some of the best times that I’ll ever have.

Why did you want a job at Brookline High School?

I really like autonomy here at the high school, which is something I’ve always wanted students that I teach to take hold of. For me, it was really interesting and exciting to learn that the school had that in its mantra. That compelled me to think about what can I do with this autonomy to allow my own guidance to foster whatever types of learning will happen within these walls.

What is something you live by?

Eat the cookie! You’re going to be okay after you eat the cookie, and it’s going to taste so good. You can workout later.

What is your favorite joke of all time?

On the way to school, my dad would say, “You got your homework? Got your bag?” And I’d say, “Yes!” and he’d say “Well, you got your head?” Now I say it to all of my kids and they’re just like, “What do you mean? Obviously I have my head, it’s attached to my body.” It just means do you have your bearings? Are you good to go? Are you set up for the day? I just always laugh at that.