Glee Club focuses on musical theatre



Glee Club strives to accommodate new voices at the high school.

Dozens of performing arts groups filter in and out of the choir room everyday, singing songs from punk rock to pop. Each of them has their own speciality to bring to the table. But a new group, Glee Club, may quite possibly steal the spotlight entirely.

Glee Club was founded by senior Brad Wolf and junior Livvy Hartshorn. The club hopes to create a place where students can share their collective love for performing, musical theatre, and music a whole.

Performing since he was little, Wolf had previously been a part of another acapella group at the high school. Although they were a great group to work with, he wanted to be a part of something that sang more than just the popular songs.

“The a cappella group was great, but it wasn’t really the right fit for me in terms of the all-male vibe and the type of music they were doing,” Wolf said. “I just wanted a new singing group that could do a broader range of things.”

Unlike other singing groups at the high school, Glee Club offers a coed and musical theatre-focused alternative. Although there are some elective choirs that are coed, there are no other a cappella clubs that are coeducational. Additionally, there is no other group that offers musical theatre as their main song theme.

“We wanted to make a new singing group that was both coed and had instrumental accompaniment,” Wolf said. “That opens doors for different repertoires, such as musical theatre and more pop and upbeat arrangements.”

Through Glee Club, both Wolf and Hartshorn are trying to create a healthy and productive environment. Having performed their whole lives, the club leaders are confident they can create a tight-knit group that is both hardworking and fun.

“Everyone seems so passionate, and it is really cool to witness,” Hartshorn said. “I’ve never seen a group pick up music that quickly before. It was just so much fun and we were all laughing and having a great time.”

Sophomore Hannah Schlosberg, a member of Glee Club, is enthusiastic about the group’s dynamic and professionalism. She was looking for a place where kids were productive and serious about music, and found exactly that.

“Everyone is really experienced and knows what they’re doing. It’s also a very chill environment,” Schlosberg said. “It was really nice to just be in a room full of people who want to be productive and want to make music and to just have a space where we could do that is really nice.”

Although Glee Club is newly formed, they are already off to an exciting start and club members are excited to be connecting.

“I think that is what’s so special about theatre,” said Hartshorn. “It really does have that magic, and it’s a place where you meet these like-minded people that you just really love.”