New Teacher Features 2019

Michael Proctor

Mira Donahue, Staff Writer

What made you want to teach Special Education? Partly because I had struggles in school, having Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and having trouble paying attention. But being successful after getting strategies to learn better and focus better, I discovered I can be a good student. And I wanted to help other students who struggle, but had a desire to learn. Do you have a specific...

Maxwell Greenberg

Gem Nielsen, Staff Writer

Social studies teacher Maxwell Greenberg has taught history before, but is new to Brookline High School. He spends a lot of his time traveling to different places around the world, and reading tons of books. Interestingly, Greenberg didn't always love the subject of history. Why did you begin teaching at Brookline High School? I was a teacher for 2 years before I came to Brookline High School,...

Tom Mylchreest
Christen Fanelli
Ivonne Grunseich
Alyssa Murphy
Lindsay Asselin
Deborah Miller

Jennifer Breneisen

Zoe Brooks, Staff Writer

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, social worker Jennifer Breneisen has always loved to help others. A graduate of Drake University and Boston College, Breneisen enjoys problem solving and brainstorming with people of all ages. Outside of her job, she likes to hike, swim, cook and travel. What made you decide to become a social worker? I feel like in some ways I have been a social worker almost my whole ...

Dan Nudel
Talmadge Nardi
Reiko Asahina
Shawn Rock

Julie James

Ansley Washburn, Staff Writer

ACE teacher Julie James took a unique path in making her way to Brookline High School. Growing up in Davisburg, Michigan on a small farm with her four brothers, she learned to love animals and the outdoors. After attending Notre Dame and Indiana University, James went on to teach for over 30 years before even arriving at the high school. What pulled you to Brookline High School? What pulled me to Bro...

Ian Morris
Karim Azeb
Linda Chiu
Áron Boros
Jason Heitler-Klevans
Marisel Figueroa-Marrero

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