Parlour offers a new twist on traditional-style cuisine



In place of Regal Beagle, Coolidge Corner’s new restaurant, Parlour, opened in early July of this year.

Walking down the well-loved streets of Coolidge Corner, you may notice something different nestled between the familiar shops and food spots. Across the street from J.P. Licks, a new restaurant beckons with a simple blue sign reading “parlour.” On the sidewalk, a small chalkboard stand welcomes diners in, and the subtle glow of the interior lights draws a second glance. 

After the closing of Brookline’s Regal Beagle, a hot spot for classic American fare, two former employees opened up Parlour in its place. This new restaurant features re-inspired takes on classic dishes while also setting a warm ambiance.

Situated on Harvard Street, Parlour offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for a casual dinner or a late-night bite. Despite its unassuming exterior, the restaurant captures a vintage touch with dainty candles and dim lighting along the walls. Mauve and teal wallpaper with gold detailing sets the backdrop, and blush-colored pillows line the side benches. 

Parlour offers a warm and cozy environment with a cohesive vintage design.

While you might get complimentary bread sticks at other restaurants, Parlour provides a seasonal basket of uniquely-flavored popcorn. At this time of the year, we were served savory, fall-inspired popcorn with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as a distinct taste of pepper. 

Their menu features a relatively small assortment of dishes, many of which blend classics from French, Italian, and American cuisine; we chose the Herbed Parisian Gnocchi (13 dollars) and the Nashville Hot Chicken Donuts (10 dollars).

Parlour puts their own twist on the traditionally-Italian gnocchi by adding braised Berkshire ham and parmesan black pepper biscotti. The gnocchi shone through with its earthy undertones, flecks of herbs and a hearty sauce. Juxtaposing the mellow flavor of the gnocchi, the braised ham added a savory depth of flavor. The crunchy bits of biscotti balanced the texture of the soft pasta and tender meat. With thoughtful attention to presentation, from appearance to taste, Parlour takes an elevated route on this classic. 

Our next dish deviated from the European-based flavors of the gnocchi and revamped America’s widely-loved chicken and waffles. Three fluffy donut balls sat upon a spread of green and tangy herb yogurt, and a zingy pickle embellished each one. Inside the donuts, shredded chicken brought together a slight sweetness with a subdued hint of spice.      

The Herbed Parisian Gnocchi (13 dollars) and the Nashville Hot Chicken Donuts (10 dollars).

Small plates range from 10 dollars to 17 dollars, and entreés range from 22 dollars to 30 dollars. Some other dishes featured on their menu include Root Vegetable Cassoulet and Berkshire St. Louis Ribs, both of which go along with a similar theme of refining classics. 

The Parlour staff was friendly and accommodating, from greeting us at the door to frequently checking in with us throughout the meal. We were seated right away, and while the wait for our meal was longer than expected, it did not detract from our overall dining experience.

With a sophisticated menu and a mini bar in the back, we noticed that Parlour seems to draw in an older crowd. Although not a typical food scene for high schoolers, Parlour is nonetheless a contender for a quaint meal with family or loved ones.