Lacrosse team seeks new fundraising methods


Jim Papoulis

The boys lacrosse team poses for a photo at Newton North. According to senior Jack Neubauer, the new online fundraising method increases the amount of support received from family members that live far away.

Alexander Fung, Staff Writer

Through their door-to-door fundraising strategy, the boys lacrosse team has scraped together enough money to keep them on the field each year. This year, however, taking the fundraising online has allowed the team to nearly triple the money they would have raised going door-to-door.

Through a company called Adrenaline Fundraising, the boys lacrosse team reached out to hundreds via email. Using this method, the team raised around $17,000 in just a few weeks.

Head coach Dan Gardner said that he was not expecting such a large boost in funding.

“I was shocked,” Gardner said. “We were hoping to raise about $8,000, $9,000, $10,000. If we had reached that, I would be happy. So the goal was really $9,000 or $9,500. We blew that out of the water. By day three or four we had surpassed that.”

The benefits came as no surprise to senior Jack Neubauer, who was an early supporter of taking the fundraising online.

“We thought it would be a great way that you could reach out to friends and family that don’t live in the immediate area,” Neubauer said. “In past years our fundraising has kind of been limited to this area because we’re physically selling stuff.”

The increased reach is just one way that online funding surpasses the traditional door-to-door method. According to junior Christian Malabanan, it was hard to make money salesmanship skills.

“I’m not really the salesman type, so it was really tough for me to go door to door, and I probably only sold about three cards,” Malabanan said.

According to Gardner, the online process was just as easy for the coaches as it was for the players.

“We had the gentleman that runs it, the gentleman that represents Adrenaline, he shows up, he talked to the kids, he set up the website,” Gardener said. “I just had to monitor it and make sure the kids were putting in the emails they needed to put in and the amount of emails. I just had to kind of monitor things, but other than that it was very hands off for me, which was great.”

According to Neubauer, the money raised for lacrosse covers a variety of expenses needed to keep the team running.

“We film every game and we have to pay for the film crew to come in,” Neubauer said. “They set up l a film station every home game, and then for the away games they do the same thing. So that’s pretty expensive. Also we have to pay for the assistant coaching staff.”

With the surplus money from this year’s fundraising success, the team is still deciding what to spend their money on.

“We haven’t decided what it goes towards as of now,” Malabanan said. “But it would go towards equipment. It could go to a new scoreboard, because the one we have is pretty broken, helmet decals, things that would make us look like a team.”

According to Gardner, the team is keeping their options open about the extra money for now.

“It really depends on what the kids want,” Gardner said. “To a point, we’re gonna give them some input. They’ll get t-shirts, they’ll get sweatshirts. We’re also hoping to send a few kids to camp using that money. We’re hoping to invest in our youth program a bit, specifically for kids that will play for the public schools.”

Gardner also mentioned that online fundraising will affect the future of Brookline lacrosse.

“I think it’s going to have a large impact, again just to be able to send a couple kids to camp using that money,” Gardner said. “If we invest in our youth program that could bring us more kids, so I think it could have an immediate impact as well as a long term impact if we can do what we want to do with it.”