Dancers break free from conformity in Progressions show


On May 2, 3 and 4, dancers from a variety of groups performed for the Progressions show, which was put together by dance teachers Christien Polos and Mayra Hernandez.

As the stage lights began to dim, the bodies of dozens of dancers appeared. Dressed in all-grey outfits, the dancers effortlessly began to take up space on the stage.  The atmosphere was set dark, with a sole fluorescent light shining, reflecting on each dancer’s silhouette. The fluidity of their movement made them come together as they moved as a whole.  

The 2019 annual Progressions show was held this year on May 2, 3 and 4. Dancers from a variety of the high school’s elective dance courses took to the stage, along with the Cantico dance team and other multilevel classes. Dance teachers Christien Polos and Mayra Hernandez helped put together this year’s show, which is especially important to Polos as it is his last year at the school before his retirement.

The show featured a variety of dances, including a piece choreographed for Cantico by their captain, senior Maddy Sopel. A blue tint washed over the stage as a spotlight focused on Sopel, alone. Soon she was joined by four members of the dance team, filing in from the front and back corners of the stage. As four more members entered, the music briefly paused following a rush of the rest of the dancers on stage. The dancers then began to move in sharp powerful movements on beat, flowing with the music.  

Another piece, performed by the advanced dance team, highlighted the emotion of breaking free. As the curtain rose, the dancers immediately started ticking their heads to the beat of the music. They then danced all around the stage as if they were controlled by something. The dark red light reflected the power of control and how hard it can be to overcome. Halfway through the performance, when the music was still tense, the dancers all looked at the beaming red lights. Their movements had slowed down as their energy was fixated on the darkness of the tinted red light. Meanwhile, junior Nairi Harumi’s dance movements were different compared to the other dancers. She was the only one who seemed to be free from control.

The final performance of the night consisted of a group number, dancing to Beyoncé’s song, “End of Time.” The performance was lively and entertaining. The dance groups each had their time on stage, providing a different set of exhilarating dance moves. They then came together from the sides of the stage for the final sequence of the performance.

This year’s Progressions secured the multiple aspects of dance and reflected them through the theme of breaking free. The intricate movements of the dancers were thoughtfully executed by all of the groups. It felt as though the entire audience gravitated toward the stage, from the time the first curtain rose to the final applause.