New teacher impresses class mid-way through the year



Math teacher Áron Boros connects with students after taking over classes in mid-February

Hallie LeTendre, Staff Writer

Imagine a class full of 20 teenagers judgmentally staring as you walk in as their new teacher mid-February.  

For new high school math teacher, Áron Boros, this scene was a reality.  

After working various jobs for the state with a Medicaid program, a law firm, and a state agency, Boros decided he wanted to become a teacher.  

Boros took a course through Boston Public School’s Accelerated Community to Teacher Program. Once he earned his teaching license, he began to look for jobs. When a position opened at the high school to replace a teacher mid-year, Boros jumped at the lucky chance.

Although the task of  beginning to teach a class in the middle of the year is difficult, Boros has had a great experience at the school so far.  He is working to connect with his students and ensure that they are learning the curriculum’s material confidently.   

I enjoy learning about the rhythms in BHS. I love math, so it’s great to be doing math everyday,” Boros said. “One of the wonderful things about the job is that you get this connection to so many different types of people.”

Boros enjoys making connections to his students and truly being able to help each one of them understand the material individually.

“I’ve always enjoyed that moment when somebody learns something new and gets excited when they make a connection that wasn’t there before,” Boros said.

Even with a change in teacher, sophomore, Owen Roche, has been able to continue learning new material in the class through Boros’ engaging teaching style.

“He doesn’t tell you the answer, he makes you figure it out yourself, so you learn the material better that way,” Roche said.

Boros strives to allow students to have freedom in his class while introducing effective ways to learn new concepts. He uses his own version of learning logs and other study methods.

Sophomore student, Durjoy Maitra, said that Boros is there to help his students and support them in their learning.  Maitra stated that Boros is always available to help his students one on one as well, which helps build a better connection and develop a better sense of the material.  

“He’s very focused and doesn’t try to mess around.  He really wants to teach us which helps and allows us to learn a lot more than our previous teacher,” said Maitra.  “He has a lot of free blocks and is here after school a lot, so if you ever need any other help he’s here for you.”

Although teaching is still extremely new for Boros, he has been able to adapt to the high school  and has put much effort into getting to know his classes and having a smooth transition for students with him as their teacher.  

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the students,” Boros said. “It was difficult getting to know everyone and figure out what they had already learned, but by and large it’s been fun.”