Rec basketball offers stress free environment for athletes


Oliver Fox

A player takes free throws for his team during a recreational basketball game. Teams usually play on various weeknights throughout the winter season.

Oliver Fox, Staff Writer

When watching a varsity basketball game at the high school, you might notice that the coach is constantly pacing up and down the sideline, yelling orders at their players. You might also notice that on the court, the players are communicating, often calling out “switch!” or “screen!” to give them a competitive advantage. During a recreational basketball game at the high school, this on-court chatter still exists; to strategize while joking around and laughing with fellow players, whether they are on each other’s team or not, is fun.

The alternative league of recreational basketball provides a platform for students who simply enjoy the game to play with others like them.

Senior Arman Marchiel believes that recreational basketball is organized in a way that benefits all types of players.

“It is similar to the intramural college league in the sense that it is not an official school team and we don’t play against other schools,” Marchiel said. “You really can just show up to any games you can make it to and just play. It’s more for fun than it is for competition.”

Marchiel has also used this program as a way to get out of his house and exercise during the winter while still having fun doing it.

Freshman Gabriel Liz found that the recreation league was more appealing than the competitive teams at the high school.

“I didn’t really want to try out for the regular teams because that would have been too much work, so I signed up for this so I could still play,” Liz said. “On regular teams, it’s more competitive and there are cuts, but on rec there are no cuts. You just play.”

Junior Kyle Makalusky said the recreational league is a great spot to meet new people without the stress of competitive basketball.

“I’m not as stressed when I’m playing and it’s a great group of guys, and I have gotten closer to a lot of them,” Makalusky said. “I’m doing this instead of junior varsity this year because it’s less of a commitment and a lot more relaxed.”

Freshman Jerry Zheng signed up for the recreation program because the competitive scene did not work out, and he thinks that it has been a positive experience.

“I really like the game of basketball but couldn’t make the freshman team so I’m playing ,” Zheng said. “I’ve been able to meet many really friendly people through playing in this program.”

Makalusky has seen many different types of people play recreationally and thinks it shows the catchall structure of the program.

“There is a very wide range of guys. People are really good and really bad,” Makalusky said. “It is definitely very inclusive.”