Winter track athletes motivate each other to improve their performance



The boys track team races at a meet. According to senior Elisa Matson, who is on the girls track team, she is motivated by the interpersonal relationships that she has formed with the other people on the team.

Alexander Fung, Staff Writer

Versatility, dedication and teamwork are the staples which hold the indoor track team together and help them meet their competitive goals.

The personal connections made between athletes on the indoor track team motivate and inspire them to improve. These strong bonds work to improve morale and give purpose to the team.

According to senior Elisa Matson, who has been on the track team since her freshman year, the team competes in a variety of events, including hurdles, relays, sprints and races, each event with a range of distances. Although some runners specialize in a specific event, they are flexible enough to branch out to other races.

“Because there’s not really positions, I can get put in whatever race the coach needs me in,” Matson said. “So sometimes I’ll get put in a relay, say a 4×400 relay, or if he needs me to run a 300 that day I’ll run a 300 that day, just, whatever he needs me in.”

Matson said that although there are multiple roles a track athlete needs to fill, her bond with her teammates keeps her going.

“My teammates really motivate me, just because I’ve built some relationships with the people on the team, and I don’t want to let them down,” Matson said.

According to senior Dafna Williams, the relationships she has formed with her teammates make the sport rewarding.

“I’m really invested in the personal connections I’ve made,” Williams said. “There’s a lot of friendly and constructive competition between me and my teammates.”

This friendly competition between teammates helps them prepare for meets in a competitive league. According to Williams, being in a competitive environment makes every success fulfilling.

“Even though we’re one of the better teams, we still have yet to win a dual meet because the teams that we’re against are so good, so it feels really good to score points,” Williams said. “When I finish a race or a workout that’s really hard that I was able to push through and do really well in, I just have a sense of accomplishment. It just feels really awesome.”

According to senior Ben Haber, his teammates help him meet the demanding requirements of track and reach his full potential.

“Every workout is hard, and it takes a lot to be able to push each other,” Haber said. “My teammates and my running group are very good at that, and we’re all very helpful at pushing each other do the best we can.”

According to Haber, the boys team hopes that they can work together to achieve success and hopes that they can meet their goals.

“My team goals are that everyone runs the fastest that they can and works together,” Haber said. “But maybe more importantly that everyone can just come together as a team and be the best team that they can be.”