Boys basketball team maintains a perfect record


Oliver Fox

The crowd of students and family members cheer on the team during a boys varsity basketball game.

Erika Sanchez, Staff Writer

You sit down after purchasing your ticket and instantly start hearing the music. The boys are eagerly lined up outside the door, waiting to burst out. The fans stand up, getting ready to cheer them on. They too are waiting for the excitement of the game.

This season, the boys varsity basketball team had a strong start and are currently holding a 21-0 record. They have not lost a game and do not plan on doing so due to the strong connection and teamwork between the players.

Varsity basketball captain and senior Christian Andrews said that the connection between players is the most important aspect of the team’s success.

“I think we are doing well because we decided to come together this year and play as a team,” Andrews said.  

According to Andrews, the team has individual talent and can get the job done themselves. But, playing for yourself and not for the team is not how they are going to continue being successful.

“We really focused up and started believing more in our coaches and in ourselves and in our teammates,” Andrews said. “We have the individual talent to be really good but if we don’t do it together, it won’t make a difference.”

Andrews is not the only member on the team that thinks teamwork plays the biggest and most valuable role in their success. Junior and captain Matt Price said there is nothing more important than teamwork.

“Teamwork plays the biggest role because we need to work as a team and trust each other with an extra pass or on defense, making sure we are all talking,” Price said. “We honestly can’t lose. We are so talented, and if our teamwork is there each game, we can just win every game.”

Freshman boys basketball coach Scott Huggins said the team is doing well because the team is working together, on and off the court.

“One of the big reasons why the team is doing so well this year is because there has been a change of attitude and the team is bonding a lot better,” Huggins said. “When the team bonds off of the court, that helps the game plan, that makes a big difference.”

Huggins said he has been able to make a strong connection with the freshman, junior varsity and varsity players throughout his years of being a coach.

“It feels great, but the one thing I always seem to think about is watching over my back,” Huggins said. “Sometimes when you are doing so well, you get comfortable. You have to constantly remind yourself and the team that we have to work hard for what’s to come.”

Price said doing well feels great, but it’s never something they dwell on.

“Honestly, coach is telling us ranking doesn’t matter until the end of the season,” Price said. “So it’s cool to be ranked number one in the Boston Globe, but honestly it doesn’t really matter until the end of the season, so we’re thinking about it in the back of our heads. But, I don’t think we are really worried about it right now.”

Andrews said his feelings toward the team’s success is not what is most important.

“I don’t think it really makes a difference to me, I just want to be number one at the end of the season,” Andrews said.

According to Price, both of the captains have long term goals for this season and are not shy when it comes to making those goals known.

“To win the state championship, and that’s going to come by having no regrets, going each practice at a time and focusing on each practice,” Price said.

Andrews said he does not fall short of the same expectations.

“I think our goal as a team is to have no regrets at the end of the season and to be satisfied as the season ends,” Andrews said. “But I don’t think any of us will really be satisfied unless we win the state championship.”

The boys varsity basketball team is doing so well because of the strong connections between each other and their ability to work as a team. With the right attitude and the continuance of their teamwork, they can go all the way.

Price said that with the right mindset, the team can win the state championship and fulfill their goal.

“People are realizing that this is our year to go all the way,”  Price said. “And if we keep our attitudes in check it’s just that much easier.”