Revisions sparks inspiration through showcasing student talent


The a cappella group Note-A-Fy sings Billie Eilish’s “Bellyache” for the crowd at Revisions.

Anoushka Mallik, Staff Writer

Dancing, singing and laughter; these are all the aspects that categorize Revisions, the annual talent show.

The show gave students a chance to demonstrate their skills, whether they be in improv, singing, dancing or playing an instrument. I felt inspired and proud of the students in our artistic community.

Needs Improvment was the first group to take the stage. After splitting into groups of two, they cleverly improvised a scene based on the suggestions from the crowd: “amusement park” and “a cappella.” Seniors Alyssa Parkhurst and Barbara Pires took on the roles of a father and son hosting a radio station. Seniors Devasha Solomon, Caitriona Donahue, Summer Barnes and Eli Geller represented the musicians, wittily improvising songs that Parkhurst and Pires came up with. The hilarious songs names they created such as “You have to be this tall to ride” and “I left my wallet inside,” kept the audience laughing.

Revisions also incorporated various types of dance, including junior Lexi Wood, dancing to “Frequency,” and the Popcorn Dance Club, dancing to “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” by Blackpink. Wood’s graceful movements told a story that could be read by the audience. Wood’s mesmerizing dance captivated the audience and left them speechless. In contrast, the Popcorn Dance Club gave the audience a dance they could clap or step along to. There was a clear rhythm in the song and their dance, with each dancer hitting each beat in unison.

Senior Diego Echeverria DeCordova brought singing back in with his cover of “I See Fire,” by Ed Sheeran. One could feel his passion and emotion through the strong and his clear voice and his deft skills on the guitar. Singing backup for him was the a cappella group Testostatones. Their voices added a new depth to the song providing an even stronger feel. The partnership between DeCordova’s singing and the Testostatones showed the student support and connection that the high school stands for.

Juniors Nairi Harumi and Suzie Stitt evoked strong emotion through their dance to “Love On The Brain,” by Rihanna. The ups and downs of their relationship were clear to the audience, despite neither of them saying a word.

The high school’s a cappella groups finished off the night with their harmonious singing. Each group had a distinct style as they performed, starting with Note-A-Fy. The performers all wore an outfit in the realm of animal print. The group sang “Laps,” by Carter James and arranged by senior Lia Rosenblatt, as well as “Bellyache,” by Billie Eilish.

The other all-girls acapella group, Perfect Pitch sang “When The Party’s Over,” by Billie Eilish, and “Roses,” by Chainsmokers. These two songs contrasted and complemented each other, with “When The Party’s Over” carrying an elusive air and “Roses” a bright and upbeat one. The members of Perfect Pitch donned hoodies, leggings and baseball caps, bringing the group together with their fun style. Finishing off the night was Testostatones. In contrast with the lyrics of their first song, Talking Head’s “Burning Down the House,” the Testostatones sported winter jackets and even snow pants and ski goggles. With the crowd now animated, they sang “Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me.” Their enthusiasm was clear as they finished off the night energetically.

Throughout Revisions, students showcasing their abilities and supporting each other is exactly what the high school stands for. The small and intimate setting of Dance Studio One gave students the opportunity to connect with the performers and feel their emotions and passions. The show left one proud of the students and talent in our community.