Lucas Aramburu sprints to success


Lucas Aramburu crosses over the finish line at the Northeast Cross Country Championships. Aramburu inspires his teammates through his hard work and dedication to the sport.

Gabe Hernan, Staff Writer

From local to state to regional to national competitions, cross country runner and senior Lucas Aramburu has done it all.

Aramburu has been running for six years competitively, including four at the high school, and has become one of the best runners in the United States. His abilities have allowed him to compete in some of the biggest races in the country, including the Foot Locker Cross Country National race on December 8, 2018 where he placed 18th. Not only has Aramburu accomplished a lot due to his strong work ethic, but he has also made an impact on the running lives of his teammates.

Cross country coach Michael Glennon says Aramburu’s hard work motivates the rest of the team.

“When you have someone who is that talented, it shows the rest of the team what hard work gets you,” Glennon said. “He brings up the whole level of the team because of his own ability.”

According to Aramburu’s varsity teammate and senior Jon Diaz, Aramburu’s performances inspire the rest of the team.

“Just where he stands up against everyone else,” Diaz said. “He pulls us through with the performances that he has. He is someone to look up to.”

Although Aramburu has always been very talented, Glennon said he works hard to reach his full potential.

“He has been a big part of the team ever since he joined it because he is a very talented runner. He was a varsity athlete right off the bat,” Glennon said. “He certainly, while being talented from a very young age, works very hard to be the best that he can be.”

Aramburu believes he is one of the best runners in the state because of his work ethic.

“You know, just grinding. Rise and grind,” Aramburu said. “Rise and grind every single day with your teammates. You know you just have to be your best self. You got this. It is going to hurt, but you are going to come out of there being a great athlete and a better person.”

Aramburu’s work ethic has allowed him to become one of the fastest runners on the team. Diaz has the second best 5k time on the team; Aramburu runs one minute faster than him.

Despite his multiple individual accomplishments, Aramburu still believes that the team is the biggest part of cross country.

“It is a team effort. Absolutely, 100 percent,” Aramburu said.  “You go all in with the team, you fight, you do well.”

According to Aramburu, cross country has brought him together with people he would have otherwise not spent time with, and although Aramburu is excited to run at the collegiate level at Columbia, he is not done representing the high school.

“I am still here to do big things: set my mark, run really fast, go to Nationals. ” Aramburu said. “I am by no means blowing off high school athletics now that I am in college. I really, really want to run fast.”