Athletes experience the high pressure associated with playoffs



The girls volleyball team plays in one of their playoffs. The team won this playoff which qualified them for States.

Elsie Wessels-Mains, Staff Writer

Playoffs are a series of games that determine the winner of championships in various divisions. The Brookline Superfans demonstrate a lot of support around this time, and the stress and excitement of playoffs motivate players to do their best.

Many players feel the games they play throughout the season are in preparation for playoffs, so these games are high-stakes. If a team wins in their division, they go to States, which is a very big accomplishment.

This year, girls varsity volleyball and boys varsity soccer made it into their division playoffs, and girls varsity soccer won their playoffs, making it to States.

Senior Katherine McElroy, the girls varsity soccer captain, said she is proud about making it to the playoffs with her team.

“It is this thing that means so much to me, that is only going to be here for like two weeks max, so I try to push and see how much of myself I can give to that,” McElroy said.

Playoffs mean a lot for individual players and affect the routine of their daily lives, especially when competing with academic pressure.

“You are trying to put a hundred percent into both things that, in my opinion, require and deserve a hundred percent. You have to balance and prioritize your hard work, preparing for and playing in the playoffs with academics,” McElroy said.

Additionally, the pressure and excitement of the playoffs can push players to show their best efforts. Junior Tom Bassov, a boys varsity soccer player, finds this to be especially motivating for him.

I have to focus extra hard and be engaged during the playoffs,” Bassov said. “They get me excited and give me a rush of adrenaline throughout my games.”

Both the soccer and volleyball teams find it necessary to practice and keep the same standards they set for preseason before the playoffs. Players feel that support from their teammates, coaches and the Superfans club is also a key factor of their motivation.

Sophomore volleyball player Caroline Viola says the team gets a lot of extra support and preparation from her coaches.

“We had one main coach and an assistant coach and then also the junior varsity and freshman coaches helping out. We have a lot of people supporting us and we also had a college guy who used to play volleyball here to help a lot of people,” Viola said.

According to McElroy, support can come from her teammates and different level teams.

“There’s a lot of posts on social media for both teams, which is nice,” McElroy said. “We actually do see a lot of junior varsity and freshman girls supporting us and coming to our games, so it seems like we’re really one big culture.”