Off season training helps athletes improve skill level


Gabe Hernan

The boys varsity basketball team stretches at an after school practice in the weight room. A variety of workout methods allow athletes to perform at their best.

Jeremiah Levy, Staff Writer

Kids work out in various ways, from weight lifting to cardio, and push themselves to stay in shape. Teams often work out together in preparation for a game or race throughout the season; however, individuals also prepare over the offseason.

Sports take breaks in different periods of the year referred to as the offseason. Regardless of the break from active sports, athletes still find ways to stay in shape and motivate themselves.

According to sophomore Mihalis Protopapadakis, cross country runners such as himself have to meet a mileage quota over the summer.

“During the summer coach gives us a sort of program, to run with a certain mileage, we need to run every day so we reach a goal over the summer,” Protopapadakis said.

However, Protopapadakis says the team makes sure to stress the importance of working out other parts of your body to get a balanced workout.

“It’s also good to do core and go to the gym and weight room a few times a week so that you train other parts of your body, not just your legs, so you stay in shape completely,” Protopapadakis said.

According to Protopapadakis, motivation can vary from person to person, but his persistence stems from his own personal goals for the future.

“My goal is to work hard, and that’s what motivates me,” Protopapadakis said.

Sophomore Michael Cherkasky, who is also on cross-country, says he runs over the summer to keep himself in shape for the season to come.

“I run whenever I get the time, and during the summer I run every day and the mileage gets higher each time,” Cherkasky said.

Cherkasky says he also wants to stay in shape over the offseason to be successful during the regular season. Like Protopapadakis, Cherkasky knows he must take the time to stay in shape off the field to achieve his goals.

“I stay motivated because I really want to do well during the season, and in order for me to do well during the season, I need to do well in the offseason,” Cherkasky said.

Amanda Kravitz
The girls crew team prepares for their upcoming season through winter training. Eve Waldron said her teammates push her to stay motivated during the offseason.

Crew at the high school rows on the water during the fall, summer and spring, and winter is spent working out indoors. Winter is the crew’s offseason.

Sophomore rower Eve Waldron says she works out with her team frequently during winter.

“There isn’t much of an offseason, so I just work out with my team six days a week,” Waldron said.

When it comes to motivators, Waldron says the people around her make the biggest difference.

“My coaches and my team are really supportive and they really push me to do everything when it comes to working out,” Waldron said.

Sophomore Cecelia Wilson, who also rows, says that crew provides optional winter workouts involving cardio and weightlifting.

“In crew, we have workouts in the winter that you can elect to do,” Wilson said. “So we’ll do things like weights, indoor cycling and some running to keep our cardio good.”

Wilson says that the personal gain of working out keeps her going.

“My coaches and my team encourage me to do my best, and also it’s just so great after you’ve done a workout to feel that you’ve done something so good for your body,” Wilson said.

According to Cherkasky, working out alone can give an athlete a boost of confidence.

“You can work at your own pace and become gradually stronger,” Cherkasky said. “While in a group, some people stay behind and become less motivated because they think they aren’t good enough. When you work out by yourself, you do as much as you can and don’t worry about what others are doing.”