Fall Sports Preview

Tina Little and Jade Kwitkiwski


This season, the cheerleading team hopes to show off their skills at the annual pep rally. They will cheer at varsity football games and at a minimum of four other competitions. With more gymnastics skill on the varsity team this year, they hope to make it to regionals, after coming a few points short in past years. Overall, the team’s skill level has increased over the last year and they are looking forward to further building the team.

“Even as recently as this week we’ve had folks come and join the team on JV, so we’ve got a really robust, dedicated and nice group of students. It’s going to be a good year.” -coach Meaghan Cells


Boys Cross Country

After coming in 12th at All-States last year, the boy cross country team hopes to return as a threat and keep the sense of team community. Usually, the top seven athletes compete at states, and this year, the top 12 athletes are strong competitors. This means new people are ready to step up, if need be. Their main goal is to focus on getting to All-States and to continue collecting wins within their division.

“What I’m most excited about is that we have a lot of great seniors right now, not only in terms of running but also personality-wise. We have a lot of strong personalities and I think that translates really well into the team.” -captain William McCormick


Girls Cross Country

The girls cross country team hopes to focus on racing as a team and keeping their supportive team dynamic. Many people think of cross country as an individual sport, but the team wants to focus on racing as one. Due to a slightly higher preseason ranking, the team is aiming for top 10 at All-States. They are excited to see how they will perform during meets.

“I think in past years we’ve all been very supportive of each other, so I just want to keep that up while working hard.” -captain Alishah Khan


Field Hockey

This season, the field hockey team is hoping to build their program and create a more positive outlook. They have a new coach, Emily Hunt, this year and a lot of new players, so they hope to embrace the new energy into the team dynamic. Though they compete against teams that have already been trained through youth programs, they hope to improve their skills and work more cohesively.

“We might assume that it would get frustrating when you’re losing every single game, but I think there’s something to be said for the fact that people keep doing it every year and that people are still trying their hardest.” -captain Kate Staff



Since the football team has a new coach, they plan to improve every single day. According to coach Chad Hunte, the team hopes to not dwell on the past but to focus on each play. After training a lot during the preseason in the weight room, the team looks to have a winning season.

“We know it’s a process and you can’t shortcut the process, but we’re working really hard and these kids are working really hard to become special.” -coach Chad Hunte


Boys Golf

This season, boys golf is hoping to make it to the Bay State Championships where they will play against teams from around the area. The team is working hard to achieve their goal while also balancing their enjoyment of the sport. The rest of the team has had to step up to the challenge since they lost many qualified seniors last year. This is because one year makes a large difference in terms of strength and maturity. Captain James Imai and co-captains Ethan Hoey and Will Grant set examples of high achievement and competitiveness for the younger athletes.

“It’s an enjoyable sport and the golfers are just the best group of players I’ve ever seen in terms of the quality of their friendship.” -coach Burt Skvirsky


Boys Soccer

After a successful season in 2017, the boys soccer team is building a close-knit team. According to coach Kyle Beaulieu-Jones, choosing captains was difficult because there are many leaders on the team.

After losing to rival Newton North on Sept. 12, “I think that we learned a large amount from that game and in the end: we learned that we can be beaten. And we found our weaknesses, so hopefully, we can improve upon those to become an even better team.” -Coach  Beaulieu-Jones


Girls Soccer

With the long-term goal of making it to the state championships, the girls soccer team is also focusing on short-term goals like making the most out of every game. It takes courage to “shoot that high” coach Robert Sprague said, and the girls are prepared from a leadership and skill standpoint. Captains Katherine McElroy, Alexa Ribatt, and Hallie Friedman share qualities of being spirited, caring and inclusive..

“They’re open and are showing up each and every day, looking to improve and learn. So far, we’re roughly a third of the way in, and it’s probably as much fun as I’ve ever had,”-Coach Robert Sprague said.


Girls Swim and Dive

With many goals such as strong sportsmanship, continued team unity and collaboration, the swim team is well on their way to a productive season. After placing 5th last year at D1 states, the athletes are celebrating the small successes and creating a balance between their hard work and fun. The four captains, Ina Bando, Sasha Bourdine, Orla Erdman and Cherry Xiang, are all responsible, empathetic and independent role models according to coach Jim Stallings.

While we have four swimmers with the title of being captains, we consider all seven of our seniors to be the leaders of this team. We are extremely lucky to have these  girls as our team’s role models,” coach Jim Stallings said.


Girls Volleyball

This season is starting out with six wins and one loss. After making it to the second round of playoffs last year, the team is hoping to go even further this year.

“We need to work on just skill development and bringing younger kids up a little. on the court we’re mostly  juniors and seniors so we need to develop the team for next year,” Captain Natalija Beslic said.