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Beau Morimando

Beau Morimando is a teacher in the special education department and co-teaches English classes. Morimando grew up in Long Island, N.Y. In addition to teaching, he also coaches the boys junior varsity soccer team. Morimando knew from a young age that he wanted to be a teacher and more recently looked at Brookline as a place he wanted to teach. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, doing CrossFit, playing soccer and listening to music.


What was something fun you did this summer?

I did a lot of hiking in the Grand Tetons out in Wyoming. I spent about a week there hiking various trails doing some white water rafting. That was a really cool experience, and it was my first time doing anything like that.


What made you want to become a special education teacher?

I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school. I had a lot of really great teachers that instilled a love and passion for education in me. I found out I wanted to be a special ed teacher when I was in college. You have to take the required special education classes in undergrad if you are doing a teaching degree, so the first time I took a special education course, everything about it seemed really fascinating and interesting. It seemed like a place where I could fit in really well.


Why did you come to the high school? Have you taught before the high school?

I taught for the last three years at a charter school in Cambridge called Prospect Academy Charter School. I did special education teaching there, and it was nice, but I’ve always kind of had an eye on Brookline as a place where I really wanted to be a teacher. I did some student teaching and worked as a paraprofessional at the Heath Elementary School, so I was a bit familiar with the system and how it worked. It was just a very attractive place for me to want to come and work.


How is co-teaching different from teaching with one teacher?

I think co-teaching is great. First of all, I think that with two teachers in the class there are at least two perspectives you can get on how you’re presenting information. So, you’re able to meet more styles of learners that way. I think that for planning and organizing the class it’s very helpful because you have two sets of eyes and two brains on kind of the content and how you’re presenting it to the kids.


How is the high school so far?

I am really liking it a lot. I think the people I’ve met, the students and teachers, are really awesome and very welcoming. Everyone’s very goal-oriented and very solution oriented when it comes to solving problems and thinking about issues that might come up in school. Everyone is really helpful. It’s been overall a really great experience so far.

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