Restaurant 108 Top Chef: Jonah Lenoch


Jackie Perelman

Freshman Jonah Lenoch (along with junior Lucas Mitchell, sophomore Alexander McDowell and freshman Bobby Southward) eats after cooking a barbeque-themed menu for Top Chef. Lenoch followed a family tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July with barbecue.

Jackie Perelman, Arts Writing Editor

On May 8, freshman Jonah Lenoch competed in the fourth installment of Restaurant 108’s Top Chef competition with a barbecue-themed menu.

As I entered the restaurant, I was greeted with the sweet smell of barbecue sauce and roasted meat and vegetables. Lenoch said he was inspired by his family tradition of barbeque food, and that the menu he created is one that his grandfather makes as well.

“Every Fourth of July we have a huge celebration with barbecue and that’s really what I was inspired by,” Lenoch said.

For the main course, customers had a choice of lemon rosemary brick chicken, Texas style brisket and roasted stuffed zucchini.

Along with the main course, patrons had a multitude of sides to choose from, such as beans, jalapenos, poppy seeds and even fresh watermelon. To top it all off, the desert was a lemon bar.

All in all, the menu served as a pleasant reminder that summer is quickly approaching, and that we all will be eating barbeque very soon.