Trump not fit for presidency

Many believe that President Trump's policies are misguided, and that he himself is contradictory.


Many believe that President Trump’s policies are misguided, and that he himself is contradictory.

Becky Perelman, Sports Writing Editor

President Donald J. Trump’s presidency has gotten off to a rocky start.

The White House has already been hit with countless controversies and scandals. Trump has been sued more than 135 times since taking office. He has been accused of treason and collusion with Russia, and called a bigot for his racist and sexist comments. Many of his policies have no basis or necessity, and generally seem to be poorly thought out.

At least in Brookline, it was a surprise when Trump won the presidential election. Many of Trump’s critics credit his presidential victory to Russian meddling. Although Trump and his administration have said this is “fake news” and a witch hunt, one cannot ignore all the facts pointing to this conclusion. The United States and Russia have always had a tense relationship, therefore it was somewhat of a shock when Russia started supporting Trump, and when, during the election, Trump seemed to promise a friendship with Russia. It is obvious that the elections in Russia are rigged such that Vladimir Putin will always win, therefore one should not put it past him to meddle with the United States elections.

Spring has not yet ended, yet the Chief Economic Adviser and the Secretary of State have both left office; perhaps working under our current president is not as rewarding as it once was to be in the White House. As a matter of fact, Trump’s administration has seen substantially more turnover in its first years than other U.S. president’s in modern history. To put the cherry on top, Trump fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, through a tweet, when the Secretary was on official business in Africa, which is an unpresidential way to handle one’s self.

Furthermore, Trump, trying to protect the steel and aluminum industry, introduced a 25 percent and 10 percent tariff, respectively. According to trade exports, this tariff could set off a “trade war,” a situation when countries try to damage each other’s trade, between the U.S. and its closest allies.

In light of the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Trump took action by developing an idea to give teachers guns to ensure gun safety at schools. Yet, by giving teachers guns, Trump would be fighting gun violence with more guns, which could lead to students feeling unsafe if they know there is a gun in their school, let alone in the hands of someone who has an implicit power relationship to begin with.

There are plenty of people who dislike his policies and many believe him to be unpresidential. However, is there anyone who has disagreed with Donald Trump more than Donald Trump himself? Here is one of Trump’s most blatant contradictions: Trump said he is pro-choice, now Trump is pro-life. Of course it is fine to change one’s opinion, but it seems that this is an attempt to please conservative voters, as Trump was a Democrat in 2004 before he ran for President as a Republican.

My favorite Trump contradiction when he said that he does have a relationship with Putin, even going as far as to say that he could be best friends with him. However he now says he does not know if the two can get along.

Trump’s most famous policy is deporting illegal immigrants and creating stricter laws on immigration into the US, due to safety concerns. In recent events, it turns out the first lady’s parents are illegal immigrants. So Trump, are you planning on kicking out your in-laws?

Moreover, our Commander in Chief wants to build a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border to keep immigrants out. However, what Trump fails to realize is that the majority of undocumented immigrants fly over the border on a plane, and then overstay their visa. Therefore, no matter how formidable the wall he builds is, undocumented immigrants would still be able to come to the United States.

The man is a walking contradiction and has no actual comprehension of the US government. He spits out whatever idea comes to mind and decides to force them into legislation, then gets upset when his ideas are struck down.

There are some who hoped that once in office, Trump would gain control of his mouth and stop his twitter rampages. Some believed he would assume his role as president of one of the most influential countries in the world with responsibility. However, Trump does not stand for any of America’s founding values. He has tried to limit free speech and free press, he has been xenophobic and there is reasonable doubt that he won his election democratically.  Such a person is not fit to be the Commander in Chief.