Quiz Show team advances to semifinals with stunning victory



The student competitors from the high school and teacher advisor Adam Fried pose on the set of the High School Quiz Show, where they defeated Thayer Academy to advance to the semifinals.

Daisy Elliot, Opinions Writing Editor

Cheering fans, poster signs and clapping filled the air in what sounded like a high school sports game, but it was something else: a televised quiz show.

On April 7, the high school’s quiz bowl team defeated Thayer Academy’s team 395-320 on WGBH High School Quiz Show, hosted by Billy Costa, in the quarterfinals.

Brookline’s starting team was comprised of senior Gabriel Weis, juniors Guy Berreby and Emma Kahn and sophomore Bradley Wolf. The team is coached by math teacher Adam Fried.

The quiz show contains four rounds: the toss-up round, head to head, category round and the lightning round.

During the toss-up round, the Costa read aloud questions that were worth 10 points each, with both teams buzzing in. In this round, there were no point deductions for wrong answers, and questions ranged from “What is the area of a trapezoid?” to “What kind of chemical mostly makes up the sun?” At the end of the round, Thayer Academy was winning 150-120.

The next round was the head to head. Teammates took turns facing their opponents at a single buzzer. Each teammate had a chance to answer the question, and when done, the teammate returned to the back of the line. Wrong answers cost teams a 10 point deduction, which lost Thayer Academy their lead and allowed Brookline to come out on top. Junior Emma Kahn was able to secure the lead for Brookline by answering a question about the color purple, honoring the singer Prince. At the end of the round, Brookline had pulled ahead, and the score was 180-150.

The next round was the category round, which featured questions that had increasing point values. The categories consisted of “Latin Quarter” (questions about Latin phrases), “Carry that Weight”  (questions about measurements), “Irobot” (questions about robots), “The Great War” (questions about World War 1) and the “The Big Short.” Brookline dominated this round, taking the lead with a score of 355-320.

To close out the competition, the lighting round was next. It consisted of very fast questions with both teams attempting to add to their score. Brookline dominated most of the round, while Thayer Academy attempted to try to come from behind and win, but at a certain point, with only seconds left in the game, it was clear Brookline was the winner.

In the end, Brookline came out victorious with a 395-320 win over Thayer Academy. Brookline’s competition against Lexington in the semifinals will be televised on Saturday, April 28.